Passing Observations 149

  1. Hancock, possibly the world’s most loathsome and repugnant human being, apparently wanted to be known as Mr Vaccine. It’s like the man who invented napalm wanting to be known as Mr Napalm.
  2. ‘Even the laziest river winds somewhere safe to sea’ – Swinburne.
  3. The beast walks among us and we are soldiers in a war.
  4. When Chinese president Xi addressed the annual National People’s Congress in Beijing, all the delegates wore face masks to show their enthusiasm for virtue signalling. And they looked pretty bloody stupid. They’d have looked more sensible if they’d all worn Marilyn Monroe face masks. (Xi didn’t wear a mask, of course. He doesn’t have to virtue signal because he’s in charge.)
  5. The deal used to be that before anyone was invited to a royal event they were asked if they would accept. That avoided the embarrassment of anyone refusing a royal invitation. Now I see that Harry the Middle Aged Child has apparently announced that he’s been invited but hasn’t decided whether to go. Charles is a hypocrite, as we know, he is also soft, flabby and stupid to continue pandering to his appalling son. The royal family has embarrassed Britain enough. They should all be fired and replaced with reality show contestants. The winners get to be king and queen for a week and can wave endlessly and open things all day long.
  6. The progress of computers should have been halted at the point where the ‘ping pong’ game had been invented. That was the best of computers. It’s been all downhill since then.
  7. The elderly are invisible only when they choose to be by dressing exclusively in beige.
  8. The price of logs has doubled in the last week or two. There is no possible explanation for this other than wartime profiteering.
  9. Ignorant fascists, weakly disguised as liberals and greens are intent on destroying us all through their allegiance and commitment to a series of frauds based upon the absurd and indefensible pseudoscientific notion that man’s activities are overheating the planet.
  10. The damage to our car tyres was (which I described recently) was done professionally. The cuts on the two front tyres went neatly down to canvas. (One tyre did have a very slow puncture according to the tyre pressure readings which the car provides but this was too small for me to consider significant. Maybe there was a pinhole prick in the canvas. The intruders (definitely not the sort of vandals who scratch paintwork) had to break in past a locked gate, walk up a long drive, find the car and go underneath the car to damage the tyres. The damage wasn’t done by vandals.
  11. I have for decades been a huge fan of cafes. However, there now appears to be a new rule governing café behaviour in the United Kingdom. If there is no toddler running around screaming then a woman with a high pitched, loud, screechy voice will make endless long, tedious phone calls. Café society is permanently fractured. I fear there is no hope.
  12. Dermatologists are no longer allowed to describe comedones as blackheads since this is regarded as inappropriate.
  13. Electric cars are now as old fashioned and as out of favour as Hansom cabs, hula hoops and the Black and White minstrels. People who bought electric cars (probably tempted by the tax breaks) are now doubtless deeply embarrassed – as they well deserve to be.
  14. The problem is not that the English are racist. Generally speaking they are not at all racist. The problem is that a few, dangerous, very left wing individuals (indistinguishable from fascists) want everyone to believe that the English are racists. This calumny is designed to create genuine racism (in all directions) and general dissatisfaction and strife. It’s all part of the plan designed to take us into the Great Reset.
  15. I’m told that in San Francisco a law has been introduced requiring people who work in health care or in jails (sometimes indistinguishable) to wear face masks and to be jabbed with a toxic, experiment `vaccine’ that doesn’t do what they said it would do but might kill you. Everyone in the world except the people who make up these crazy rules knows now that masks don’t work and that only idiots allow themselves to be given one of the nasty covid jabs. Anyone who promotes the wearing of masks for people not robbing banks is a liar or a fool or in the pay of the mask making industry. Or all three. Face masks do no good but a great deal of harm and anyone telling you to wear a face mask wants you dead. My book Proof that face masks do more harm than good is available direct from
  16. Dumb people are confused about why sperm counts are low. The explanation (as I’ve been sharing with readers for nearly 40 years) is that contraceptive pill residues in drinking water are having a dramatic effect on male sexuality. And, of course, the covid jab has almost certainly had a large impact on sperm counts too.
  17. Anyone who claims that ‘long covid’ is real is clearly unable to read. The evidence clearly shows that it isn’t. It is, however, a damned good excuse to stay at home and watch TV all day long.
  18. Smart bulbs have microphones in them. If you buy smart bulbs for your home then anyone who wants to do so will be able to listen to your private conversations. Say something rude about your government and your social credit rating plummets. (Why, by the way, would anyone with their brain in the right way round want to buy a ‘smart bulb’? I bought a huge stock of old-fashioned light bulbs when the EU announced they would no longer be sold. Since the bulbs were sold cheaply but obviously had no sell-by-date it seemed a good buy.)
  19. More than a third of NHS staff would not want a relative to be treated by their bit of their health service. This is nothing new. Surveys have shown this to be the case for decades. It is why many NHS staff have private health care insurance.
  20. The brown nosed creeps who attacked me and others who exposed the covid fraud three years ago are now appearing on mainstream media, queuing up to take the glory for ‘exposing the fakery’. They are, I suspect, keen to avoid paying the price for their deceits.

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