Passing Observations 148

  1. I wonder how many people realise that the Federal Reserve in the US is a private company which happens to have been given rather exceptional powers by the American Government. Lucky them, eh?
  2. When he was Chancellor, Sunak lent £77 billion to British companies during the utterly unnecessary and damaging lockdowns. Of that £4.4 billion has already disappeared – lost to fraud or default. Taxpayers will pick up the bill for Sunak’s wild generosity. The Government and its employees love throwing away taxpayers’ money. The Government has had to pay a fine of £2.3 billion to the European Union because HMRC made a mistake. Naturally, since civil servants never pay for their mistakes, no one has been punished. Civil servants and politicians who make egregious mistakes should have the money deducted from their wages.
  3. Quote of the week comes from a journalist who shall be nameless who described the covid hoax as ‘one of the worst public-health crises in more than a century’. However, the statistics show that the covid ‘pandemic’ was actually less dangerous than most ordinary flu years. On the other hand, the on-going covid jab crisis is the worst public health crisis since the Great Plague.
  4. If you have a nasty growth or a patch of dry rot, you cut it out. That’s what England should do with the town of Brighton which is up to its eyebrows in Greens. We should cut out Brighton and offer it to New Zealand or some other woke country. Either that or offer it as third prize in a raffle. (But who would buy tickets? Maybe that’s the flaw in that thought.)
  5. One of the possible new leaders of the SNP in Scotland has been on maternity leave since August in 2022. Is there really a place for young mothers in politics?
  6. Governments in Europe and America get a bonus from acting tough in Ukraine. It makes them look strong, protective and terrifying. In fact, of course, they’re just terrifying. Governments should make sure potholes are mended, letters arrive on time and that there are well-run hospitals and schools available.
  7. Net zero targets will destroy jobs but won’t do anything useful. In Britain for example, the net zero target relates only to emissions created on British soil. Emissions created by ships, airlines, factories and farms in other countries don’t count. So what will happen over the coming decades is that more and more factories, farms and oil refineries in the UK will close (with millions of redundancies). The work will be done in other countries. So, there will be no overall reduction in emissions. Britain, which has signed up to reach net zero by 2050 will become poorer and poorer. The country has absolutely no future whatsoever and anyone young and ambitious should consider emigrating very soon.
  8. When electric cars were first introduced over a century ago they were quickly abandoned in favour of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. When they were reinvented a few years ago I dismissed them as a silly fad. It was clear I was right. Electric cars are inefficient, impractical, costly in terms of energy, bad for the environment and a bad idea all round. They are as good an idea as electrically heated trousers (which were also popular when electric cars were first invented) and Elon Musk would have done us all a favour if he’d concentrated his efforts on making better and safer electrically heated trousers.
  9. We don’t go out much so we buy most things mail order. I reckon we receive a third of what we pay for. Twice recently packets which arrived had been neatly cut open and part of the contents removed. What a world, eh?
  10. The price of a first class stamp in the UK is going up from 95p to £1.10. That is above inflation. Royal Mail excuses include the fact that fewer people are posting letters. It is always a really good idea to put up your prices when fewer people are using them. Charlie’s face appears on new stamps and I am obliged to ask why he doesn’t pay for all the free publicity he gets? Any celebrity would pay a fortune to have their face on all the stamps. His royal hypocrite should pay up too.
  11. Prince William visited to a homelessness charity recently but no one asked if he could lend the homeless one of his five (large) homes. Kind of them to be so tactful.
  12. When Bernie Ecclestone visited a farm he saw 200 lambs in a shed. ‘What’s going to happen to them?’ asked Bernie. The lambs’ owner said they would be sold to Waitrose for £50-£60 each. Bernie bought all the lambs (at £60 each) to save them from the butchery counter. Bernie has always been a hero of mine.
  13. Journalists and doctors are now climbing over one another to agree that the lockdowns were dangerous, that masks didn’t work, that the covid ‘vaccine’ didn’t do what the authorities said it did and that the ‘vaccine’ mandates were never warranted. Curiously, these late comers to the truth aren’t being described as discredited conspiracy theorists. It is galling that many of them, now vying for recognition as truth-tellers, helped destroy my career and reputation when I said exactly the same things three years ago.
  14. Farmers work, on average, 100 hour weeks and the average farm earns £5,600 profit. Compare and contrast with the hours worked and money earned by train drivers. Sadly, farmers are being deliberately put out of business by the insane climate change cultists who want us to all eat insects and laboratory made food prepared by Bill Gates.
  15. Delivery companies are trying to persuade their customers to collect parcels from various collection points they’ve set up. They claim that this is good for the climate and saves 64% of the carbon cost of house deliveries. This is self-serving garbage. It is obviously far more efficient for one driver to deliver 50 parcels to 50 addresses than for 50 drivers to make 100 journeys to and from a pick-up point.
  16. Banks are set to close hundreds more branches in 2023. On average 54 bank branches have closed per month since 2015. And it isn’t just banks which are disappearing. A total of 13,234 free to use cashpoint machines have disappeared since 2018.
  17. I recently described how schools are closing their loos. This is, apparently, a national problem with schools everywhere breaking the rules and banning pupils from using the loo. I’m delighted to report that students have been fighting back and organising noisy protests about this. It seems that school staff now hate pupils as much as hospital staff hate patients.
  18. It is sometimes said that we lose 95% of our heat through our heads. With Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson et al I can believe this. The amount of hot air constantly pouring out of their mouths would, if sent in that direction, enable the people of East Anglia to live all year round in their swimming costumes.
  19. Chatbots are more than useless. They will destroy the internet by spreading so much biased and prejudiced garbage that the truth is forever lost. Mark my words. You read it first here. Mind you, the end of the internet would be something to celebrate. (Yes, I know you’re reading this on the internet – but without the internet you’d be reading this on a nice piece of paper.)
  20. There are three to four rail derailments a day in the United States. If there were that many aeroplane crashes how many people would fly?

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