Passing Observations 145

  1. Our energy supplier tells me that we are supposed to read our own gas and electricity meters. I told them I was happy to do this and that my fee per meter would be £1,000. I’ve offered to read the meters every three months and have asked them if they prefer me to send them an invoice or if they would prefer to deduct the £8,000 a year from my energy.
  2. In a quiet moment the other day I read through our car manual. I discovered to my astonishment that there are 64 different warning lights which can appear. There is even one to tell me that there is water in the fuel. Naturally, there is another which will give me pressure readings for all four tyres.
  3. The BBC is so behind with the news that I am constantly expecting them to lead one of their news bulletins with the story that King Edward is planning to abdicate. And they need to announce that a young German politician called Adolf Hitler is becoming popular. If the BBC is ever looking for a motto I suggest: ‘We’re always last with the news that matters!’
  4. There wasn’t a day between the age of 6 and 14 when I didn’t have a graze (and subsequently a scab) on both knee and at least one elbow. Kids these days never seem to have grazes and scabs. I suppose it’s difficult to fall off a mobile phone.
  5. Please remember that there are fake sites in my name on many social media sites. I am banned from all social media sites, and this has been the case since February/March 2020 when I exposed the covid-19 fraud. I suspect that at least some of the fake sites are operated by `bots’.
  6. Anyone promoting the dangerous global warming lies should be arrested for fraud.
  7. All discussions about Brexit focus on money. But people didn’t vote to leave the European Union for money; they voted to leave because the EU was founded by leftover Nazis and they didn’t want to continue to be controlled by a neo Nazi fascist organisation controlled by unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists and crooks.
  8. The BBC has 22,000 overpaid staff members – all of whom have closed minds and none of whom has any idea about how to do critical research. There isn’t a decent journalist in the organisation for they all unquestioningly accept and reproduce press releases. The BBC’s output would not vary one jot if all the staff were fired and the news programmes and website merely reproduced the propaganda they are fed. The BBC’s staff aren’t just traitors – they all have responsibility for helping to sustain a programme of genocide.
  9. Population changes mean that there will never again by a Christian mayor of London.
  10. One of the main jobs of the Government is to protect the public from fraudsters and tricksters. But the Government and the police do nothing. I receive an average of 30-40 fraudulent emails every day – all from crooks pretending to be someone else.
  11. There is talk of Sunak nee Schwab as a pair of safe hands. We must remember that it was when he was Chancellor that the idiot destroyed the wealth of the UK just as efficiently and as ruthlessly as Hancock destroyed the health of the nation.
  12. I saw two reports on the same page this week. One reported that the four day working week was very popular. The other reported that more and more people were complaining that they didn’t have enough money to cope with rising costs. Gosh, you’d think someone would notice the connection wouldn’t you?
  13. I didn’t see anything about it on the BBC website when the USA threatened China with war if they helped Russia. They obviously didn’t think it was news.
  14. Everyone I speak to has a horror story to tell about health care in the UK. I spoke to a fellow who told me that his brother had developed a severe pain in his abdomen. He rang his doctor who diagnosed appendicitis over the telephone and told the man to call an ambulance. The man eventually got into hospital. Three days later he was still waiting to be seen by a doctor but his abdominal pain had gone.
  15. Did you see the film of Biden and the Ukrainian bloke walking around Kiev while the air raid siren was blaring. Neither men seemed perturbed and their bodyguards were quite unconcerned. It was the most badly staged publicity stunt in the history of politics. (The Americans had arranged with Russia that there would be no attacks on Kiev during the walkabout.)
  16. I wonder how many US citizens know that Biden has promised that America will pay the pensions of Ukrainian citizens.
  17. There are still people who don’t believe that the US or the UK would become involved in a nuclear war. (‘The people wouldn’t allow it,’ I heard one idiot say.) These are probably the same people who don’t believe that their government would terrify the population with a fake pandemic or promote a jab which they knew wouldn’t work and would kill or maim millions.
  18. The Archbishop of Canterbury is a disgrace. He has betrayed Christians.
  19. I’m going to buy a pipe. I won’t actually light it (when I was a kid one of the first books I bought was the RCP report on smoking) but I’ll clench it between my teeth and point it at wokes.
  20. Spain is apparently thinking of making bestiality legal. Motorists will, however, face 18 months in prison if they run over a rabbit.
  21. Roald Dahl, Philip Larkin, Rudyard Kipling and John Buchan are all attacked for allegedly anti-Semitic views. Who cares? Their personal views are irrelevant. All four considered massively to the richness of the English language.

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