Passing Observations 143

  1. Goldman Sachs, the bastard corporate offspring of a monstrous liaison between Shylock and Fagin, has for years enjoyed a love affair with senseless greed. Last year the bank’s profits halved to $11 billion and yet they paid out $15 billion in salaries and bonuses. It’s important to remember that Goldman Sachs was bailed out by American taxpayers during the 2008 banking crisis.
  2. Just 7% of the British population go to public schools and yet 66% of senior judges went to public school. Over half of diplomats and senior journalists went to public school. Two thirds of the current cabinet went to public school. (In the UK, public schools are the fee paying schools where parents have to pay around £40,000 a year per pupil.)
  3. The NHS in the UK has far too much money and far too many staff members. The problem is that the money is wasted and the staff are employed to do the wrong things. I used to think the NHS would be healthier if half the administrators were sacked. Now I know that the NHS would be healthier if 90% of the administrators (including senior nurses) were fired and sent away to do something useful for a living. (There is, I am told, a dearth of lavatory cleaners in the UK. Surely, with adequate training, all those administrators and senior nurses could manage that sort of work?)
  4. Never forget that the European Union was founded by redundant Nazis at the end of World War II. Read my book The Shocking History of the EU if you want to know the truth about how the EU was founded. Once you’ve read it you’ll never support the EU again!
  5. We all live lives of great uncertainty. Police may be quietly investigating us. Our arteries may be silting up. A cancer cell may be feeling particularly fruity. A solicitor may be planning a lawsuit. Government fear teams (groups of psychologists and brain washing specialists) are these days building up fears and making us ever more aware of the dangers we all face. The fear teams are paid by us but they are working for the conspirators.
  6. I saw a Chinese person wearing a sports coat. The sports coat is an English item of clothing. The Chinese person was guilty of cultural appropriation. I am devastated. I shall be seeking damages from the Chinese Government.
  7. Many of the people claiming to be on our side in this war are collaborators – aka controlled opposition. I reckon I trust less than half the people claiming to be opposed to the Great Reset. The rest are CIA plants and absolute nutters who believe the earth is flat and that there are no germs. (I think I’m entitled to say this: I’ve been writing books and articles exposing drug company and medical crookery for over 50 years and I have, I suspect, studied and learned more about their corporate tricks and deceits longer than anyone alive. Study my books The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors published in 1975 and 1977. You’ll probably be shocked. Or read The Health Scandal from 1988 and Betrayal of Trust from 1994. All are now available as paperbacks through the bookshop on this website.
  8. Young David Copperfield was told: never be mean, cruel or false. I now offer that advice, gratis, to all graduates of the WEF and of Common Purpose training.
  9. How many black people has YouTube banned for life from its site? Or is banning something that happens exclusively or more often to white people? (In which case it would, of course, be horribly racist.)
  10. In 2022 there wasn’t a single bank robbery in Denmark. Not surprising, since although there are 800 bank branches in Denmark but only 20 of them handle cash deposits and withdrawals. And who’d want to steal one of those funny pens they have glued to the counter?
  11. In 2023 every energy bill in the UK will include over £200 that was paid out as a result of the failure of an energy company. The two company founders are reported to be working elsewhere and there have been no firings at Ofgem. No one in Government resigned.
  12. I hear that theatres on Broadway (in US) demand that theatre goers wear masks. Anyone who wears a mask to sit in an auditorium is a lunatic and should be locked up.
  13. The English village of Bilbury in Devon has declared itself to be a nuclear free zone. It will be illegal to drop nuclear bombs on the village and the village council will take a very dim view of anyone who does.
  14. Covid-19 was a fear porn marketing ploy and power grab to sell a fake ‘vaccine’. And the fake ‘vaccine’ was a distraction and compliance test so that we wouldn’t notice everything else that was happening (such as the disappearance of cash and the prospect of nuclear war).
  15. There are two million menopausal women in England and Wales. They all want to be given HRT (despite the cost and dangers) and they want to be treated as an ethnic sub group.
  16. Almost every revolution in history started in a café. This is another reason why THEY want everyone to work at home (and to keep out of public meeting places.)
  17. Newly qualified lawyers in the UK are reportedly being offered up to £170,000 a year. I expect they’ll be on strike soon, demanding more.
  18. Britain is planning a new ‘approved’ digital currency. Cash will be gone by the end of the decade if we don’t fight hard.
  19. The use of hydrocarbons in the world has fallen by 2% during the last 20 years – despite governments spending £4 trillion in subsidies for solar, wind and battery technologies. Anyone wanting to eat hot food and keep warm will be relying on oil, gas and coal for decades to come. In the UK the Labour Party has promised to decarbonise electricity generation by the year 2030. If you believe that you’ll believe anything.
  20. In order to stop using oil and gas, we will need to massively increase our supply of lithium, graphite, nickel and rare earths. This will mean a massive amount of (energy intensive) mining. Unfortunately, the climate change nutters want to stop mining because it’s naughty. Oh, there are fun times ahead.
  21. It is rumoured that Harry, now approaching middle age and still only a Prince, has said he will come to his old man’s coronation if conditions are met. Maybe he’ll agree to come if Charlie and Willie stand down and he is crowned king. Oh, how he and his missus would love that. They could do a weekly Netflix show from the Buck House balcony.

Vernon Coleman has written three volumes of autobiography. The books, titled Memories 1, Memories 2 and Memories 3 are available from the bookshop on this website. There may be a fourth book if Vernon can think of a suitable title. He says he’ll insist on our putting on this plug and feeble joke until someone buys a damned book.