Passing Observations 142

  1. The idea that Russians would blow up their own very expensive Nord Stream pipe lines is stupid. As Antoinette pointed out, if they wanted to stop selling gas to Europe they could just turn the valves and close the pipeline. If you have watched my video entitled ‘Urgent Warning to Everyone’ you will know that the Americans blew up the Russian pipeline though this is denied by the CIA and discredited journalists everywhere. I find it staggering that the mainstream media sneered at or completely ignored this massively important story. Mainstream media journalists are either a disgrace or a joke or both. They were all probably too busy copying and pasting government hand-outs, and then putting their names on the top of the stories, to spot a story of great significance. As ever the BBC seemed to me to be silent; apparently more excited by the fact that the American air force is now capable of shooting down balloons.
  2. Don’t move to the London Borough of Hackney. They are planning to ban most vehicles driving down 75% of all the streets in Hackney.
  3. Delighted to see the mainstream media struggling along playing catch up. The other day the Daily Mail ran a feature about the fact that pensioners who retired before 2016 receive a much smaller pension than younger pensioners. This outrageous scandal was first aired on my websites a month ago, on 13th January 2023 under the heading ‘Here’s how the UK Government is Killing the Elderly’. The scandal is exacerbated by the fact that the Government has had older pensioners’ money for longer. Naturally, the Daily Mail didn’t mention my article.
  4. I’ve just published a paperback edition of my book Paper Doctors which is now available through the bookshop on this website. I started work on Paper Doctors in 1975 immediately after the publication of The Medicine Men and continued to work on it in 1976. Maurice Temple-Smith, who had published The Medicine Men also published Paper Doctors and I think it was Maurice who thought up the title. He was a wonderful, old-fashioned publisher who worked in offices opposite the British Museum. I seem to remember that his older authors had no little difficulty climbing the narrow, steep, slightly rickety staircase. As with all small publishers in those days there were stacks of books piled everywhere. While I was researching The Medicine Men (which described in depth the relationship between the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry) I had discovered much about medical research which had appalled me and so this book was inevitable. Re-reading Paper Doctors recently I realised just how relevant the book still is and I was saddened to discover that only one copy of the book still existed – in Colorado Springs in America. (There was no American edition so I wonder how it got there.) I bought that copy through Abe Books (for $250 plus $25 postage), had it scanned and published it myself in the belief that it will be of interest to readers today. (I realise I’ll probably not sell enough copies to cover the cost of the book and the scanning.) Some of the writing in the book now seems rather clumsy (it would be strange if it did not since I was in my 20s when I wrote it and I hope I’ve learned a little since then) but I have resisted the temptation to make any changes. I’ve republished the book as it was when it first came out. I dug out the review file and I’m pleased to see that the reviewers were very kind. The Daily Express said the book was ‘required reading for any Minister of Health’. The Daily Telegraph described the book as very readable and having a timely message. The Guardian spotted my conclusion that `the main beneficiaries of the hundred million pounds worth of medical research done in this country each year are certainly not the patients’. The Lancet said that ‘Few would disagree with Dr Coleman’. The Nursing Times reviewer said: ‘I hope this book becomes a bestseller among doctors, nurses and the wider public who, after all, have to pay for the research’. I couldn’t find a bad review in my file. Surprisingly, even Chemist and Druggist had kind things to say about Paper Doctors.
  5. When YouTube removed my channel for the crime of telling the truth, this is what they said: ‘Going forward, you won’t be able to access, possess or create any other YouTube channels.’ They actually banned me from looking at other channels! That’s like a publisher banning a member of the public from looking at a particular book or newspaper.
  6. The number of doctors crawling out of the woodwork to speak out about the fake pandemic and the toxic covid jab is growing. Most of them seem to expect cheers and congratulations but they haven’t said anything that hasn’t been already said (in some cases years ago). More significantly many have remained anonymous. Any comments or revelations which come from anonymous sources are worthless and must, I’m afraid, be assumed to have been fed to us by the CIA or the 77th Brigade for their own purposes. The cowardice of doctors who have refused to speak out openly constantly amazes me. Yes, it’s true that speaking out is damaging. Yes, it can wreck your career. Yes, you’ll get hammered by the establishment. But people are being killed by being given a deadly jab that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do - but which does kill people. Those with something to say should realise that if they speak out openly their words will be valuable. Doctors who speak anonymously are as cowardly as the ones who say nothing; their words are worthless and of no more value than the usual drivel from the trolls who inhabit the deep, dark corners of social media. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. If doctors who kept silent had spoken out three years ago, and had the courage to identify themselves, they might have helped prevent the greatest outrage in history. Into the same category must go those drug company executives who worked in the industry for decades and then suddenly discovered that their company is crooked. What the hell took them so long? Pfizer and other big drug companies have, for years, been as rotten as three month old fish. Incidentally, I am delighted that people have belatedly noticed that not many people were given the covid jab in Africa and that there has not been an epidemic of inexplicable sudden deaths on that continent. What a coincidence.
  7. Hypocrisy has been made fashionable by Lucifarian warmongers such as Obama, the Clintons, Charlie (His Royal Hypocrite), Blair et al. And when, just out of curiosity, are Colin Powell and George W.Bush going to be brought before the War Crimes Tribunal (in absentia will do fine and in Powell’s case will be necessary)?
  8. I nearly burst out laughing when I saw the Daily Telegraph complain (on its own front page) that ‘TikTok censors covid vaccine podcast’. According to the Daily Telegraph ‘TikTok has been criticised for censoring concerns about potential side-effects of covid vaccines after taking down a video of journalists from the Daily Telegraph discussing the topic. The social medial platform removed a clip from the Planet Normal podcast yesterday afternoon which it later reinstated. Sarah Knapton, the science editor had said if she had been in her 20s she ‘wouldn’t necessarily go for’ a vaccination because of the risks. Well, by jiminy, how awful is that. I would like to remind the Telegraph’s writers that their paper carried huge pro-vaccine ads and I have never seen any previous stories about the vaccine risks (which I first exposed in the autumn of 2020). And I’m still banned from YouTube and all social media. Permanently. For ever. (Any accounts in my name are fake.)
  9. The Greens (who hate people and the environment and love only their own sense of self-importance) are misnamed. Most of them are raging commies and should, therefore, be known as Reds.
  10. Most people (especially journalists) misunderstand how inflation works. If inflation does go down to 5% or so (as promised by Schwab/Sunak) the previous 11% or 16% or whatever doesn’t disappear – it’s baked in. Prices are never going to go back to where they were. They are on an ever-upwards trajectory.
  11. In Paris we lived on the top floor of an apartment building five minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. There was a wide ledge outside the windows on one side of the apartment and I fed the pigeons there. They quickly spread the word and every morning a huge flock of them would make a good deal of noise to let me know they were ready for breakfast. It was, of course an offence to feed the birds, and the Parisians (who like animals only because their vast dog population lays daily land mines for unsuspecting tourists) took this law very seriously. The local supermarket staff asked me why I was buying so much wild bird food, and when I told them the truth (always a dangerous commodity) they took all the bird food off the shelves. I got round this by buying budgie food which the supermarket kept on the shelves and which the pigeons loved just as much. I was reprimanded many times for feeding the birds in parks and public places. However, the reprimands were all issued in French so I pretended not to understand and took absolutely no notice. (Mind you, feeding the birds in London can be just as legally dangerous since hundreds of leftover Gestapo officers regularly patrol looking for bird feeding criminals. I believe that when not arresting Piers Corbyn they arrest a good many dangerous old ladies.)
  12. Oil companies have been a great force for good in the world. It is insane that they are derided like tobacco companies. Without oil we would all be freezing and hungry. Read the absolutely riveting Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen for the truth about climate change. And give copies to anyone you knows who believes the global warming rubbish.
  13. A Thai Princess collapsed after a covid jab and went into a coma. There is a rumour that the Thai king will remove all immunity from the Pfizer company and allow people to sue. This rumour has spread on the internet and is offered as an example that the globalists are on the run. But I’m afraid it is bollocks. The Thai king could only allow people to sue in Thailand. And if he did that, the world’s drug companies would get together and pull out of Thailand. People don’t understand the power of the drug companies and the conspirators.
  14. Former health secretary Ken Clarke called the British Medical Association ‘the worst trade union I ever dealt with’. In my newly reprinted book The Health Scandal (from 1988) there is a section entitled: The British Medical Association – the Patient’s Enemy. Everyone in Britain (except for BMA staff and members) would be better off if the BMA could be closed down. And it isn’t just the BMA which I’d like to see closed. The Royal College of Nursing is planning 48 hour strikes which will see staff walking out of emergency departments, intensive care units and cancer care services. All those strikers should be sacked and never re-employed in health care. And outside hospitals hundreds of GPs are now reducing surgery hours still further because the chilly weather means they want to stay at home (they’re already working 26 hour weeks). Finally, ‘virtual’ wards (where patients are monitored remotely at home) are staffed for just 12 hours a day. I repeat: there is no health service in the UK.
  15. The UK Government wants to ban log burning stoves in people’s homes while it is making a huge chunk of the nation’s electricity by burning imported wood pellets in power stations. Insane. (The reason? Simple. When people burn logs in their homes they have some degree of independence. The conspirators want to take away all our independence and make us totally reliant on the State.)
  16. NHS physiotherapists are going on strike. How will anyone know? Antoinette has been waiting nearly three years for an urgent appointment.
  17. Listen to my good friend Colin M Barron talk about his brilliant new novel ‘Four Minutes to Zero’ on And then buy a copy. It will entertain, distract and cheer you up enormously.
  18. If the racists at Wimbledon ban Russian players from the Wimbledon biff bat tournament this summer it will be the end of Wimbledon and the entire BBC staff will have to find something else to do for two weeks.
  19. The media is now being used to help create a demand for new laws. The news stories about the disappearance of a woman who was walking by the River Wye emphasised the terrible fact that there were footpaths that weren’t covered by CCTV cameras. (Why would there be CCTV cameras in the countryside, for heaven’s sake?) The result will doubtless be a decision to blanket the entire country with CCTV cameras. And the shooting of a headmistress will doubtless result in clamp down on shotgun ownership.
  20. The new incredibly stupid, unwanted and wasteful £100 billion railway line which the British Government is building (HS2) is now being downgraded. It possibly won’t go where people thought it was going and it possibly won’t start in London. There will be fewer services than promised. And the train will travel at 125 mph instead of 250 mph. It sounds as good a bargain as the covid-19 jabs. Incidentally, in 1934 the Flying Scotsman was travelling at over 100 mph.
  21. Well over 19 million people visited on in January 2023. (A good many more visited Many more read articles shared on other websites. So, you see, you are not alone – more and more people are waking up. And for reasons that Trudeau may be able to explain when he is eventually charged, Canada tried more often than any other country to hack into my website and take it down.

Vernon Coleman has written three volumes of autobiography. The books, titled Memories 1, Memories 2 and Memories 3 are available from the bookshop on this website. There may be a fourth book if Vernon can think of a suitable title.