Passing Observations 141

  1. Three of my old videos are now available once more on this website. Just go to the video button to see them. The three newly republished videos are: ‘The Coming Global Food Shortage’ (13th June 2020), ‘We are fighting for our future’ (18th June 2020), ‘Have you been put on a list and left to die’ (June 18th 2020).
  2. Why is diversity considered such a wonderful thing? Why does every city, town and village have to be cosmopolitan? I realise that probably no more than seven and a half billion people think as I do about this, but I’ve had enough diversity. I’m full up with the stuff. I am overflowing with it. I like local traditions – mine and everyone else’s – but if I want to see foreign peoples and foreign customs I can travel. And foreigners can come to England and sit by log fires in country pubs and eat spotted dick with custard. The conspiratorial globalists want to destroy history and culture because they know that these things give us our individuality and humanity. Diversity is fashionable with the woke (oh how I loathe them) but why do they feel the need to force it upon the rest of us? I’ve had more than enough diversity, thank you, and I can manage very well without any more.
  3. According to Human Rights Watch, Ukraine is using banned rocket launched landmines and/or cluster bombs which look like toys (and which I seem to remember were made and used by the Israelis). The mines are fired to land in and around homes. The idea is to injure children and to create misery and block hospitals. Some of Ukraine’s supporters say this shouldn’t be investigated until the end of the war.
  4. The UK is the second biggest donor to Ukraine (after the USA). The British Government has given far more money and far more arms than the British people can afford. I don’t remember being asked if I wanted to be at war.
  5. Transparency and accountability no longer exist in modern political life. There isn’t a politician in the world whom I would trust to buy me a bag of sweets. They’d either steal my money or eat all the sweets.
  6. The Russian economy is doing much better than the American economy and much, much better than the British economy. India, which is now buying cheap Russian oil, is doing very well.
  7. Why did the Americans and the British break off peace talks with Russia?
  8. We pay for the Bilderberger meetings. We pay the salaries of most of those who attend. We pay their expenses. We pay for their massive security. Why are we not allowed to know what they discuss and what they decide? It seems clear to me that they are plotting behind our backs and are planning a World Government. (If that’s not true they could always publish their deliberations.)
  9. NATO doesn’t think that the Russians will use nuclear weapons. I don’t think they care whether or not the war in Ukraine becomes a nuclear war. They don’t seem to understand that nuclear war is like tic-tac-toe. Whoever makes the first move will win. Oh, and the NATO generals don’t seem to know that no one has ever conquered Russia. The Russians know their land. Ask Napoleon about Moscow. Ask Hitler about Stalingrad. Is it too absurd to suggest that the conspirators (who all have access to nuclear shelters and well-equipped super yachts) want a nuclear war as part of their population control programme?
  10. Surveys now show that ‘medical tyranny’ is now the world’s No 1 fear – above everything else. I’m not surprised.
  11. The UK’s National Health Service is now more unpopular than at any time in its history. And it’s not the strikes which have made it so unpopular (though they haven’t helped).
  12. What’s the difference between globalists and Nazis? I can’t think of any real difference except the uniforms and the boots.
  13. In the UK, waiting times for treatment are now approximately five times longer than they were long before the fake pandemic caused massive disruption. The waiting time for cancer referrals and procedures is ten times worse than it was in 2011. The NHS has become a killing machine.
  14. It is not true that the NHS is short of staff. The truth is that the NHS has too many staff members but most of them are doing the wrong things. There are far too many administrators and far too many diversity officers. And far too much time and money is wasted on stupid red tape. The NHS could be a far better organisation with half the staff and half the money. (Read my short book NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right if you want to know the cure.)
  15. Dogs which are not on leads should (and soon will) be banned from all footpaths, all parks, all beaches and all public spaces. The number of uncontrolled dogs running around is responsible for an epidemic of deaths and injuries caused by dogs. And owners who don’t pick up after their dogs should be fined £1,000,000 per offence. In the UK alone around 50 children a year go blind because of infections caused by dog excreta in parks and on beaches. No one seems to care about this.
  16. The worst racism in our history is now directed at white Christians. The worst sexism is directed at white men over the age of 50.
  17. The idea that breakfast is a crucial meal came from an employee of Kellogg’s. I wonder why.
  18. In the UK, more knee and health replacements are now done outside the NHS than are done within it.
  19. In the UK the Royal Mail has allegedly made postmen and postwomen carry digital devices which send a message to their boss if they stand still for a moment and chat to a lonely householder. I despair, I truly do.
  20. Why do so many people expect me to do complicated things on my 2G telephone? The other day I was sent a text asking me to reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I made five attempts to respond and then got a message back saying ‘We do not understand’. And do you know what – I bet there are five million people in the UK who couldn’t even try to answer. Or wouldn’t even receive the question. We are now together outside society. In 2004 I wrote a book called Why everything is going to get worse. I didn’t know just how much worse.

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