Passing Observations 140

  1. A group of feminists are complaining that it is unfair that prostate screening should only be available to men. They say it is discriminatory and sexist.
  2. In America, the Inflation Reduction Act gives bozos in Washington total power over citizens. It has taken the US into the Great Reset.
  3. The covid jab has killed black people. It is therefore racist. It has killed Jews and it is therefore anti-semitic. Those who promote the covid-19 jab are therefore (according to the sort of logic favoured by Matt Hancock, the television celebrity) racist and sexist.
  4. Only if we consider that the purpose of the covid-19 jab was to kill people can be considered successful.
  5. I still don’t understand why abbreviating the word ‘Pakistan’ to describe a citizen of that country can be considered racist. It didn’t used to be. It seems to me that the world would be a jollier place if the woke didn’t spend their lives encouraging folk to spend their lives looking for ways to be offended. Much of life has been devastated by accusations of racism. For example, the sport of cricket has been turned upside down but, from afar, I have seen absolutely no evidence of real, offensive racism.
  6. The deeply unpleasant and much disliked ginger whinger has successfully destroyed the British Monarchy. Britain is heading towards republicanism. His family will soon all have to get jobs – though it is difficult to imagine what any of them can possibly do except talk about one another. There isn’t a huge market for the ceremonial unveiling of plaques. Maybe they can all find work in some branch of reality television. Charlie (His Royal Hypocrite) could sit on a throne while people throw sponges at him in an attempt to dislodge his crown. That’s about all he is good for.
  7. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was created as a money spinner by the drug industry. Before it was invented, countless billions of women went through the menopause without a blink. Today, women are encouraged to demand HRT – despite the very real health dangers associated with taking a powerful drug. Menopausal women have been turned into professional victims. That’s tragic.
  8. Here’s the sort of medical research which is common today: ‘The number of men who don’t wear hats and who develop prostate cancer is greater than the number of men who do wear hats and who develop prostate cancer. Therefore all men who don’t wear hats must be treated for prostate cancer even if they are well.
  9. All climate change conferences should be held in Stroud, Gloucestershire. It is the very centre of the Wokewolds but one visit would be enough. The climateers wouldn’t want to go back for a second attempt.
  10. People who have symptoms which they describe as ‘long covid’ are almost certainly suffering side effects caused by covid jabs. No one in the medical establishment will admit that because to admit it is also to admit that the covid jab is dangerous.
  11. ‘God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.’ – J.M.Barrie
  12. One of the joys of being totally banned by the mainstream media is that I can write whatever I like without any risk of my words being picked up. To attack me they’d have to mention me and they aren’t allowed to do that. What fun, eh?
  13. There’s a rumour that Dr Josef Mengele has been appointed the BBC’s special advisor on medical ethics. I believe he is now advising the BBC on the covid vaccines. ‘We’ve very excited to have such an eminent specialist working with us,’ said a BBC spokesperson. ‘He is someone everyone at the BBC holds in high regard.’
  14. Have you noticed how many of the world’s leaders are megalomaniacs and/or exhibitionists? Zelenski seems to me to be a good example.
  15. An acquaintance of mine was passing blood in his urine for ages without ever noticing anything wrong. He had one of those plum coloured loos and it wasn’t until he used a white loo in a hotel that he saw the blood.
  16. Dementia is allegedly the biggest cause of death in Britain. That is rubbish. Most of the people who allegedly died of dementia actually died of something else – usually pneumonia or neglect or murder.
  17. It is now dangerous to criticise Goldman Sachs (in my view the worst bank in the world and, also in my view, a training ground for corrupt politicians and public officials) because to do so is, quite bizarrely, regarded as anti-Semitic. The zealots who scream ‘anti-semitism’ when any Jewish company or individual is criticised make themselves look silly and do their cause no good at all.
  18. I don’t do interviews any more. The last person who interviewed me was dumped by Spotify and lost his PayPal account. The conspirators are terrified of the truth.
  19. Matt Hancock reminds me of the most unpleasant characters in Dickens. (Jonas Chuzzlewit and Uriah Heep come to mind.) Is there anyone this loathsome creature has not betrayed?
  20. Anyone who has been jabbed with covid-19 and does not now regret succumbing to the official lies is not thinking clearly (and may well be brain damaged).

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