Passing Observations 139

  1. Now that there is no health care in the UK (Particularly for older citizens) I worry constantly that if I trip over a kerb or fall in the garden I will just be left to die. It’s an unpleasant dose of reality.
  2. I am not always able to make eBook versions of my books. I’d prefer to, but this is sometimes outside my control. And I cannot sell my books directly through my websites because none of the payment companies will give me an account. (When Korsgaard Publishing produced editions of three of my books, they lost their PayPal account within 15 minutes because of their association with me. They set up an account with another company and immediately had that one cancelled.) I’m afraid it’s something of a miracle that I am able to publish any of my books at all.
  3. Wikipedia is surely one of the most successful con tricks in history. Selling this corrupt site as an encyclopaedia is like selling candyfloss and calling it food. (Actually, I suppose that candyfloss is a sort of food whereas Wikipedia is nothing like an encyclopaedia since entries aren’t independently edited or checked and some editors will accept money to alter the contents of entries.)
  4. The UK’s Prime Minister is a recidivist. And no one cares. It becomes clearer, day by day, that the conspirators had to get rid of the hapless Truss in order to install Sunak in post as the WEF’s UK representative.
  5. Antoinette had her annual breast cancer check-up. It lasted around one minute. And was conducted by telephone. The whole consultation lasted very slightly longer than a wrong number.
  6. The absurd transgender rules in Scotland (whereby a teenager can change sex at will and without permission) were clearly designed to aggravate the British Government. The aim is to use the transgender argument as a lever to demand another independence vote. And if Scotland becomes independent it will join the EU (even though it fails EU requirements). And the fascist ‘remainers’ will be thrilled.
  7. My recent article about nuclear war was no exaggeration. Anyone who thinks I was exaggerating should know that I have purchased iodine tablets for Antoinette and myself. (Iodine tablets help protect against radiation.) Here in London the risk would obviously be higher than in the countryside. (We’re thinking of staying away from London in future.) This is just my choice and is not a recommendation. You should do whatever you think appropriate.
  8. It seems that school teachers are now trying to join with doctors in killing children. Many schools have closed many of their loos (for a variety of not very good reasons). This is a variation of the theme I discussed in a video about the closure of public loos which I made around two and a half years ago. The result is that children who don’t go to the loo when they need to, and don’t drink because they’re worried about being able to get to a loo, are more likely to develop urinary tract infections, kidney problems and heart problems. And, of course, many children’s hearts have already been severely damaged by the covid-19 jabs which teachers pressured them into taking. The British Standard for school loos is that there should be one loo for every 20 pupils. And loos don’t count if they’re shut.
  9. The moderator of the Church of Scotland has warned that legalised assisted suicide could be viewed as an opportunity for cost saving by the NHS. He obviously doesn’t realise that the NHS hasn’t bothered to wait for assisted suicide to be made legal – staff are murdering patients wholesale with the infamous kill shot of midazolam and morphine. (see my video entitled ‘Murdered for her Bed’. You can watch it on and on BrandNewTube and you have a choice of 31 copies on BitChute. My good friend Mark R. Elsis has this and a huge number of my videos and articles on his magnificent website If you haven’t visited you should - it has the largest archive of covid-19 articles, news stories and videos. Please support in any way you can.
  10. No one seems to think a nuclear war could possibly happen. I bet not many thought that governments would deliberately kill people by forcing them to be ‘vaccinated’ with a toxic drug that doesn’t work but does kill and maim.
  11. Greed at the top is getting worse. The average big company boss now receives £3.41 million a year – that is 103 times the average full time worker’s pay. The average chief executive has seen his pay rise by 39% in twelve months while the average worker’s pay has gone up by 6% in the same period. There isn’t a chief executive in the country worth a tenth of that sort of money.
  12. Sunak (aka Schwab) has promised to halve inflation in 2023. I hope someone in the MSM made a note of that absurd promise. I wonder how they’ll fiddle the figures? When Schwab (aka Sunak) made this promise inflation was 10.7% so he needs to cut it to 5.35%. He might as well promise that England will win the next World Cup.
  13. I was delighted to hear that my analogy comparing the use of face masks to keep out viruses to using chicken wire to keep out mosquitoes has resurfaced. (Andrew Bridgen MP used it recently). It comes from a video entitled ‘The Satanic Wars have Started’ which first aired on 27th July 2020. 
  14. I don’t believe any organisation in history has done more harm to medical practice than the General Medical Council in the UK. The GMC, one of the first organisations to adopt the dangerous mysteries of the black religion known as Woke, long ago abandoned true medical confidentiality and the Hippocratic Oath. Patients would benefit enormously if the GMC were closed down.
  15. It is time for us to remember that those who are not with us are, by now, definitely against us.
  16. We need to ask ourselves two questions: ‘What’s our goal?’ And ‘How can we achieve it?’ Fake videos, click bait fodder and junk theories do more harm than good.
  17. I used to sell my books through my website ( has been going longer than Google or Amazon) and I sold books by mail order between the 1980s and the year 2010. Sadly, I can’t do it anymore. Bookshops won’t carry my books (I am considered too dangerous), wholesalers won’t carry my books (I am considered too dangerous) and the payment people won’t process payments for me (I am considered too dangerous). But you can reach all my books in print via the BOOKS section on this website . Remember that many of my books are available in other languages.
  18. Those commentators who claim that the UK’s unemployment rate is low and so there won’t be a recession, need to take out their brains, wash them and put them back in. The massively high sickness rates (enhanced by all the people who have self-diagnosed long covid – most of whom are actually vaccine damaged) means that the official unemployment figure is less than half the real rate. We are destined for a recession which will mature neatly into a depression and the clever commentators sound muffled because they are all speaking through their trousers.
  19. The WEF has warned of climate change, a cost of living crisis, high debt levels, geopolitical confrontations, social unrest, cyber crime and low growth. If they can think of more things to throw at us they’ll extend this list later.
  20. Millennials still claim that they are hard done by and can’t afford to save or buy them own homes. In fact they had the lowest interest rates in history, and in Britain many were given lorry loads of taxpayers’ money through the Help to Buy scheme. But they spent too much on gym memberships, fancy coffees and expensive holidays. Now the hard times begin and they have no financial strength to sustain them. (For the record, the UK Government spent £29 billion of taxpayers’ money on the Help to Buy scheme. That means that young housebuyers were massively subsidised just at the time in history when they didn’t need to be.)

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