Passing Observations 136

Please note that I do not have any social media accounts. All accounts which appear to be in my name are fake. I have banned by YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. Accounts in my name on Twitter and Telegram and all other social media platforms are nothing to do with me and should be labelled as fake however real they may appear. The only sites where my work appears and which I control are and – though I have always allowed my videos to be reproduced on other sites as long as they are not cut or edited or adorned with advertisements.

  1. Have you noticed how authorities everywhere are crushing goodwill and kindness? For years now it has (in many car parks – particularly those run by local councils) been an offence for a motorist to pass his or her car park ticket onto another motorist if there is unexpired time left on the ticket. And HMRC rules mean that it is not possible for taxpayers to use their own money in a way they might prefer. Even when tax has been paid on earnings, HMRC puts limits on how much money can be given away. You might think that when you’ve earned money, and paid tax on it, then you can do what you like with it. Well, you’re wrong. You can’t.
  2. People who are fans of what is called wild swimming might like to know that in 2022, water companies spent three million hours pumping raw sewage into rivers. Still, not to worry. The UK Government has announced that it is bringing in legislation to force water companies to improve storm overflows and to keep their infrastructure up-to-date. Since there is clearly some urgency to this, the Government has stated that water companies must make these changes by 2063. So, just a 40 year wait for that.
  3. The conspirators will not be happy to learn that, whatever everyone else does, I have decided not to go on strike.
  4. Abolishing the postal service (coming soon) will be welcomed by conspirators. The old-fashioned postman was a vital link within his or her community, taking cheer from home to home. The conspirators cannot allow this to continue. Something similar happened in shops, of course. A generation or two ago, people would do their grocery shopping at a more leisurely pace. The lonely would obtain great comfort from a few words exchanged with a shop assistant – possibly their only human contact for the day. Today, these vestiges of humanity have been removed from daily life. I doubt if 1 in 1000 shop assistants knows the names of their customers.
  5. How are all those solar panels and wind turbines going to be recycled when their useful lifespan is finished? Climate cultists don’t care about the fact that solar panels and wind turbines are energy negative (they take more energy to build and run than they produce) but surely they care about what is going to happen to all those solar panels and ugly windmills when they are thrown away? (Just as electric car advocates should spend a little time worrying about what is going to happen to all those electric car batteries when they’re dead.)
  6. Remember, please, that birds and squirrels need feeding when the weather is cold. The creatures in our garden have eaten everything nature provided and they’re now dependent entirely on what we can provide. We are getting through bags full of nuts and sunflower hearts. Still, the grey squirrels in particular pay well for their food with their entertaining antics. The conspirators hate grey squirrels (probably because grey squirrels plant more trees than they destroy by forgetting where they buried their nuts but, sadly, the mass of people believe the lie put out by the conspirators that grey squirrels are bad for trees and the planet) so it is clearly important to keep them well fed.
  7. The evidence that the world’s oil is running out and that the whole global warming scam was designed to stop ordinary folk using up oil which the billionaire conspirators would rather use for their yachts, private planes and bombing expeditions is incontestable. But the conspirators and the controlled opposition are now struggling to hide the truth by claiming that the oil isn’t running out after all, that a bloke in Kansas is making really good stuff in his garage, and that new supplies will be along shortly. The gullibility of those who believe this arrant nonsense is difficult to comprehend.
  8. The future, the ‘new normal’ and the Great Reset are now all much closer than most people understand. Just 1% of financial transactions in the UK and many other countries involve cash. When cash goes completely we are finished. If you want to know more about the future they have planned, please read Endgame and Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street.
  9. ‘Look to your health: and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy.' Izaak Walton (1593-1683)
  10. Climate change nutters have introduced so many bureaucratic and financial restrictions that it now takes 16 years to build a mine after finding a new deposit. Twenty years ago a mine could be opened in six years. The nutters have not yet noticed that the world is running out of copper, nickel and other essential minerals required to build their much loved electric cars and so-called ‘renewable energy’ projects.
  11. It is now 50 years, half a century, since I first drew attention to the addictive qualities of the benzodiazepine drugs. If you want to know more about the early years of the battle (and details of the evidence I discovered in the 1960s and 1970s) you will find all the facts you need in my book The Benzos Story: 1960s-1980s which is available as a paperback on Amazon. It took me several decades to get this book published. No publisher would take the legal risks so I published it myself.
  12. Thinking is now regarded as a revolutionary act. So weak and cowardly people are too afraid to think.
  13. Antoinette has to take medicine every day to help hold off her breast cancer. The last time we ordered the medicine it took two and a half weeks to arrive. This is not unusual and I always die a thousand deaths waiting for the stuff to turn up.
  14. In the late 1260s, the papal conclave to elect a new pope took 1,034 days. In the end they took the roof off to speed things up. They should try the same trick at whichever building is being used for the railway strike negotiations and the NHS wage dispute discussions.
  15. Authors’ incomes have fallen dramatically in recent years (largely because of copyright theft). Today, the average professional author earns £7,000 a year.
  16. We all walk a tightrope over death. But the vaxxed are much more likely to fall than the unvaxxed.
  17. No vaccine has ever been thoroughly or even adequately tested.
  18. I have never met a doctor who has ever had a flu jab.
  19. Harry the ginger whinger, forever finding new things to complain about, should lose his titles and his nationality. He should be banned from ever entering the UK again. He won’t care but we’ll all feel better without him and the actress (whose name I’m afraid I’ve forgotten). He was (and is) the second most privileged person in the Britain but appears to have been consumed by envy. Tragically, he has acted as a role model for millions of millennials and Z generation moaners (those people who’ve bought the book someone wrote for him). I suspect that he may have caused more misery than anyone in modern history. He doesn’t seem to feel it is odd that a multi-millionaire approaching middle age should complain that his dad doesn’t give him enough money. And although he apparently had many mental health advisors, he complains that no one provided his wife with one. Oh, and boasting of killing 25 ‘chess pieces’ was, it seemed to me, one of the most racist things I’ve ever heard. (And if it wasn’t a boast, what was it?) I don’t think the ginger one is bright enough to be a conspirator (rumour has it you need an IQ of at least 39 to be appointed) but he and his tawdry story has certainly been used as a distraction to keep people’s eyes averted from scary realities.
  20. In May 2020 I recorded a video entitled ‘A Population Control Plan’, which was originally published on the now discredited YouTube but was taken down very quickly. I explained that the conspirators wanted to reduce the world’s population. The transcript is in my book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History which contains the scripts of all my early videos except the first one which I did without a script.