Passing Observations 132

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. In every conceivable, measurable way, Britain is now a Third World country.
  2. People who buy cars made by Mercedes (or who support their racing team) are presumably aware that Mercedes helped the Nazis reach power in World War II and helped keep the Nazis in power. Mercedes had a good many slave labourers during the War. We should never forget. Like a number of other very successful German companies, Mercedes should have been closed down at the end of World War II.
  3. As people die for a lack of resources, the NHS merrily spends millions on hiring translators for patients who cannot speak English. The NHS provides translators for 160 languages including Cherokee and Cebuano. The fact that there are no registered users of those languages in Britain doesn’t seem to concern the people with the cheque books. (Try visiting a hospital in Turkey or Greece and asking for a free translator.)
  4. Government advisory committees have never been much use. In 1909, the UK Government’s Sub-Committee of the Committee of Imperial Defence on Aerial Navigation reported that research on fixed-wing, heavier-than-air aircraft was not worthwhile. And to compound this absurd decision, General Douglas Haig proved that establishment figures of all kinds should be kept in cupboards and not allowed to air their opinions. Haig stated: ‘Flying can never be any use to the Army.’ It’s astonishing, in retrospect, that Britain managed to defeat Germany in the First World War. And it is not, perhaps, surprising that in the last two years, the Government’s committees on covid-19 have proved to be dangerous and a menace to public health. The population would have been better off if the Government had been advised on covid-19 by the Bilbury Football Team Supporters Club. Of course, I suspect that the apparent incompetence of the Government’s advisory committees on covid-19 was not exactly accidental.
  5. Dr Bertrand Dawson was a fine example of the sort of doctor who excels in the medical establishment. Dr Bertrand Dawson was what is known as a pillock of the medical establishment. He had armfuls of honours and titles – including a peerage. (He was the 1st Viscount Dawson of Penn). And he was the King’s physician. But first and foremost Dawson was a member of the medical establishment. So he was, by definition, a lying, cheating crook. And, by any definition, he was also a murderer. On 20th January 1936, King George V was very ill. Dawson decided to kill off his patient by injecting morphine and cocaine into his jugular vein. Why did he do this? Well, Dawson admitted that he murdered his patient so that the King’s death at 11.55 pm could be announced in the morning edition of The Times newspaper. He pointed out that if the King had died later, the notice of his death would have appeared in the scabby evening newspapers. Dawson even rang his wife and told her to telephone The Times to make sure that they got the story – and, presumably, to make sure they spelt his name properly. It is reported that the King’s last words were ‘God damn you’. Dawson remained in the royal household and was doctor to King Edward VIII and King George V1. What fools they were.
  6. Electric cars are silent killers. How many pedestrians have now been killed or injured by these energy wasting vehicles? (It has been shown that electric cars need far more energy to build and run than petrol and diesel vehicles.) Electric cars should be banned.
  7. Those who live in London might note that the royal family seem to be moving out. What do they know?
  8. The BBC now seems to sneer at anyone to the right of Karl Marx. The BBC licence fee should be compulsory only for members of the communist party. I believe the BBC is in breach of its Charter and, therefore, not entitled to claim a licence fee from anyone.
  9. In the interests of accuracy, ‘hospitals’ should be renamed ‘death camps’.
  10. Life gets worse and more miserable by the day. It is no longer possible to send gifts to friends living in the EU zone. If they do receive anything they have to pay a fine.
  11. For those who are wondering, I stopped writing for The Light newspaper after I felt a pain in my back and discovered a blade had been thrust therein by the editor (Darren Smith/Nesbitt). I’m grateful that it was a figurative back stabbing rather than something more literal. Darren asked me to write a special feature on vegetarian eating to run alongside a feature promoting meat. I agreed, on condition that neither writer saw the other’s article – or knew who’d written it. But Darren broke the agreement and told the other writer my identity as writer of the pro-vegetarian article. He seems to have disapproved of the fact that I am vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years (long before the idea of replacing meat with plant based foods, which is part of the Great Reset was even thought of) – because I love animals and don’t want to eat them – and deliberately chose to publish and promote a personal attack on me. I found the betrayal particularly disappointing and hurtful because I had given the paper eighteen months of free columns, much of my time, endless advice and a good chunk of money. And I’d promoted the paper and Darren endlessly. Why do I so often find myself mourning the loss of honour and respect? From the point of view of a combatant in a war for survival, I found it all rather sad, unnecessary, pointless and damaging. And personally, after years of abuse from the conspirators, I found it unforgivably cruel. I’ve been opposed to eating animals for decades. Over 30 years ago I bought back a contract to write a series of books for a major publisher because they wanted me to endorse meat eating in a book on food. (Having bought back the series I published Food for Thought myself – and devoted it to vegetarian eating.)
  12. A shrew travels at 17 miles per hour. If a shrew were the same size as a horse and both ran at the same speed proportional to their size, a decent race horse would travel at 500,000 mph. I thought you’d like to know this.
  13. Old wives say that a newborn child must go upstairs before it goes down to ensure progress through life. So, traditionally, mothers who gave birth upstairs used to climb onto a chair with their baby in their arms before taking the baby downstairs. For health and safety reasons this is not now recommended.
  14. Unlike most migrating birds, the redwing comes to Britain in the winter – wanting the cold weather.
  15. Christmas Trees, brought indoors and decorated with candles and other finery, are said to have been introduced into England by Prince Albert but it would be truer to say that they reintroduced because they had been widely used in England for many centuries before the Puritans purged Christmas of all the jollity, frivolity and exuberance. It was an English missionary called Boniface who introduced the Christmas tree to Germany (from whence came Albert, of course) back in the 8th century. At the time when we gave the Christmas tree to the Germans the tree was an oak. It came back a fir tree.
  16. If the last budget was a mini budget it seems fair to say that the next proper budget is going to be a humdinger.
  17. Scrapping the state pension triple lock will result in well over 100,000 old aged pensioners dying from cold and hunger in the UK.
  18. There is no future in medicine for human beings. Robots can (and will) be trained to be far better doctors and nurses than humans. They will make better decisions and be more understanding. Doctors and nurses have taken themselves out of medicine simply by a mixture of greed and not caring. Anyone planning to study medicine as a career should think again. There will be no career by the time they qualify.
  19. I cling to reality as it fragments.
  20. A GP who was accused of praying with his patient has been asked to attend a course on ‘boundaries’. The one day training course costs £500. ‘People’ or a ‘person’ (and I use the words in a very broad sense because I honestly cannot understand how any sentient being could possibly make such a complaint) made one or more complaints after hearing the doctor discuss, on the BBC, his use of prayer in his practice. The NHS had previously planned to force the doctor to attend a tribunal to consider removing his right to practice. The world has gone mad and the conspirators no longer care that we know it.

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