Passing Observations 130

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. ‘One day you too will, perchance, be old,’ said an old man in hospital, ‘and I am, I feel, magnanimous in hoping that those looking after you do so with greater care, greater respect, more dignity and more compassion than you have offered in your dealings with me.’ He then paused. ‘But, sadly, I doubt it,’ he added. ‘And a part of me of which I am lightly ashamed does feel some satisfaction in that knowledge.’
  2. Two decades ago the welfare state in the US spent $20 billion. Today the welfare state in the US gets through $1.75 trillion.
  3. A lawyer called Tungnath Chaturvedi has just won a 22 year fight against Indian Railways. He was overcharged 0.21p in 1999. After over 100 hearings a court ruled in his favour. He gets the 0.21p plus 12% interest.
  4. The BBC website has a dedicated button for the fraud that is Climate Change and a dedicated button for the designer war in Ukraine (designed to create mass hunger, starvation and death). It is sad that the BBC (excessively funded by naïve and well-meaning Britons) is supporting one myth that will result in hundreds of millions of deaths (as a result of the absurd ban on research projects designed to find more oil and gas) and another myth that will also result in hundreds of millions of deaths (the sanctions against Russia will result in massive starvation and many deaths). All this is, of course, part of the Great Reset plan to reduce the global population. The BBC is surely now the most deadly and evil broadcaster in British history. The organisation should be closed immediately. I honestly believe that no terrorist organisation has done as much harm to Britain as has been done by the BBC.
  5. The Government in lifting the cap on bankers’ bonuses. This will enable banks to hand out tens of millions in bonuses to bankers who have lost billions previously belonging to shareholders and pensioners. Bankers never have to pay when they lose money. It is shareholders and taxpayers who have to deal with the losses.
  6. Charlie, the fly me here, fly me there hypocrite who claims to be king, made himself a billionaire out of the Duchy of Cornwall estate. I suspect that he was helped in this by the fact that he hasn’t had to pay any corporation taxes. The finances of the estate are kept secret. (I wonder why.)
  7. Individuals in the UK who die before the age of 75 can leave their pensions to relatives without the beneficiaries having to pay any tax. But if the individual dies after the age of 75 the beneficiary has to pay tax on the pension. Not surprisingly, stories abound about people (particularly those who are ill and think they will be dead within a month or two) committing suicide so that their beneficiaries don’t have to pay tax. What a wicked law.
  8. The lugubrious Whitty has rather disappeared. I suspect that now that he has a knighthood he is busy rescuing dragons from damsels. (He’s bound to get it the wrong way round.)
  9. The term Ms is not new. It was in use in 17th century England.
  10. The much vaunted ‘peer review system’ so beloved of the establishment and ignorant journalists is actually useless. All a peer review means is that one or two doctors or scientists, who nearly always have links with drug companies, will have glanced at a piece of research and given it their approval. Fat lot of good that does.
  11. Queen Elizabeth II’s final gift to the conspirators was a 10 day mourning period and an extra bank holiday. It has already been shown that this absurdly long national period of mourning (bordering on hysteria) has severely damaged the UK’s economy and will, indeed, have done some damage in other countries.
  12. We must all try to remember that the people who believe in global warming are mentally ill and need our sympathy and patience. And, of course, they need to be educated. The most useful book to help them find the truth is Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen.
  13. Arthur Milton played for England. But did he obtain his cap for football or for cricket? Both. When I was a boy he played cricket for Gloucestershire and football for Arsenal. Those were amazing days. When he retired Mr Milton became a postman. And when he retired from delivering letters he delivered free newspapers on his bicycle.
  14. First class cricketer George Hirst, achieved the double on 14 occasions. His best season was 1906 when he scored 2,385 runs and took 208 wickets. In a first class match against Somerset he scored a century in each innings and took five or more wickets in each innings of same match. There hasn’t been a decent all-rounder in English cricket for many decades. It feels good to get that bee out of my bonnet.
  15. Why do all doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners and so on in hospitals all wear what look like pyjamas? It is impossible for patients or visitors to know if they are speaking to a consultant surgeon or a floor scrubbing specialist. Everything within the NHS is designed to make things worse for patients – but do they have to be blatant about it?
  16. ‘All grey dogs and all grey cats must be killed because, well, they are grey and other dogs and cats are prettier.’ This is exactly the same argument as the one used by so called lobby groups to justify killing grey squirrels.
  17. ‘Where ignorance is bliss, ‘Tis folly to be wise.’ – Thomas Gray (My new motto).
  18. Here’s a thought: now that most people are illiterate or semi-literate (and quite unable to spell) how do they manage to use a search engine to find anything?
  19. ‘Virginity is like a balloon – one prick and it’s gone.’ – Vernon Coleman
  20. If you struggle to find peace, try listening to choral work by Thomas Tallis, the 16th century composer. Tallis produced enormous number of pieces of music in his 80 years on earth. His music is divine in both senses of the word.

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