Passing Observations 124

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. The newspapers print what they are told to print and the broadcasters report what they are told to report. (The antithesis of journalism.) We are living, we are told, in a free society but we are living in a free society in exactly the way that the people of China live in a free society. We can say or write whatever we like as long as whatever we say or write is approved by the Government.
  2. When Veronica Lake was a teenager, starting out her career, she was interviewed for a film part by a producer who greeted her by plonking his penis down on his desk ‘like a sausage’. Lake threw a dictionary at the revealed body part and hit it full on. The man screamed and Lake left. Today, actresses receive a compliment about their hair, wait a decade and then issue a lawsuit.
  3. I have too many questions and not enough answers.
  4. The phrase ‘women’s clothing’ is sexist. Clothing cannot be restricted to those of one sex. Manufacturers and shops which sell apparel so described are flirting with the law. If we are going to be silly about these things then we should do it properly.
  5. The mainstream media (both print and broadcast) and the internet are controlled by fanatical left wing, communist extremists. (They constantly complain that right wingers have control. They either say this because they have an unexpected sense of humour or to deceive.)
  6. I have now written and recorded over 300 videos, over 1,500 articles and seven books about covid and the Great Reset. That’s well over a million words. No wonder I feel tired.
  7. If I sometimes seem to dislike drug companies please bear with me. For over 50 years I have been threatened, harassed and sued by drug companies. They have hired private detectives and bailiffs to track me down. And they’ve stuffed writs through my cat flap (the writs were too big to go through the letter box). I have, as a result, lived at a series of secret locations for decades.
  8. The authorities (including the police) are obliged to respond if they receive just one complaint. So please complain as much as you can about all BBC programmes, all newspaper articles and all Twitter and Facebook accounts hosted by the conspirators.
  9. The vaxxed are dying in huge numbers. Weakened immune systems and increased susceptibility. Entirely as predicted.
  10. Workers in Japan can be ordered to do up to 100 hours of unpaid overtime if required to do so by their employers. That will be popular when it’s introduced into the UK, the US, the EU and Australasia.
  11. After 220 years, the Admiralty in the UK is stopping printing nautical charts from 2026 onwards. Sailors will be expected to use digital versions of the charts. The UK’s Hydrographic Office produces 3,500 charts which are used by 90% of all trading ships. Abandoning paper charts is a brilliant idea. If a ship is unfortunate enough to have no power (in a storm perhaps) the captain and navigator will have no idea where they’ve been, where they are or where they are going. This will lead to much more excitement for sailors.
  12. Going back in history there are many examples of ‘cures’ based on radium being offered to a gently believing (and often desperate) public. Worst of the lot was William Aloysius Bailey, an American who pretended to be a doctor and marketed a variety of products based on radium. His most profitable product was ‘Certified Radioactive Water’. One patient drank 1,500 bottles of it (on the recommendation of a real doctor) and died of radiation poisoning. That was well over half a century ago and his bones are reported to be still highly radioactive. In the 1930s there were heaps of products sold with radium in them – including soap, chocolate, contraceptives, cigarettes, toothpaste and beauty creams. You could buy bourbon aged with radium. There was even a cookbook for chefs who wanted to bake with radium. ‘The American Journal of Clinical Care’ claimed that ‘radioactivity prevents insanity, rouses noble emotions, retards old age and creates a splendid, youthful, joyous life’.
  13. The welfare state began with Lloyd George in 1909. In his budget that year he introduced the dole, health insurance and supertax.
  14. The Daily Telegraph in the UK ran a feature about the right of writers to offend. But sadly, censorship, bans and, worse, the demonization of truth tellers, is now the ‘norm’ in our uncivilised society. I was even expelled by the Royal Society of Arts for daring to tell the truth about covid and for questioning the official line on global warming.
  15. The British Passport didn’t need to go red in 1988. Croatia is a member of the EU but still has a blue passport. And their passport doesn’t have the wretched words `European Union’ on the cover. And now the new post-Brexit, British passport is made by a French company (partly owned by the French Government) and is printed in Poland.
  16. The UK is becoming a poor country. Bad Government, huge debts, over-generous benefits and low productivity have caused a long-term decline. The UK’s GDP is now half that of Ireland.
  17. The people who have been jabbed are becoming more and more stupid. This is not an isolated observation. I reckon the jabbed are losing IQ points at a frightening rate. The jabbed who also wore masks are now beyond help and hope.
  18. ‘Old age is the happiest time in a man’s life. The worse of it is, there’s so little of it.’ –W.S.Gilbert (who died saving a young girl who was drowning in a lake at his home.)
  19. Pay rises for council workers will mean that services will fall. How long will it be before there are no council services – just a lot of employees?
  20. My websites continue to be attacked heavily by hackers. Every month there are up to 3,000 hacking attempts on each site. Most of the hacking attempts come from three countries: US, Canada and Australia. Those, it seems, are the countries most opposed to free speech. We pay good money every month for protection.

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