Passing Observations 118

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. The queen and the rest of the royal parasites had a pay rise of 17% last year – taking the cost to taxpayers to well over £100 million. How much longer are we going to throw unfathomable amounts of money at this bunch of unprincipled, hypocritical multimillionaires? When the queen retires to her Palace on a Cloud we should sell the rest of this sorry crew to the French as a package deal.
  2. The crooked idiots working for the mainstream media are now defining positive PCR tests as covid-19 infections. This is clearly simply an attempt to pretend the fake pandemic is coming back.
  3. The BBC employs the morally deficient and the feeble minded for the delectation of the wilfully ignorant and the woefully gullible.
  4. Fire-fighters have warned of a rise in fires caused by e-bikes. There has been a huge spike in e-bike and e-scooter fires. Last year more than 100 lithium-ion batteries caught fire in London alone.
  5. My websites are now banned in most of Africa.
  6. The global warming cultists claim to want more trees but town councils everywhere are trying to kill trees by covering the ground up to the trunks with paving slabs or tarmacadam. The trees are denied water and they die. I used to think this was done through stupidity and ignorance. I now think it is done deliberately so that there aren’t any trees on our streets. Councils want to get rid of trees because they interfere with 5G transmissions.
  7. The world is run by psychopaths. All leading politicians, most company bosses and most quango bosses are psychopaths. (If you doubt me take a look at my small book about psychopaths and you’ll be convinced. The book is called `Are you living with a psychopath?’ and the subtitle is `The 39 simple ways you can diagnose a psychopath.’ (Not surprisingly, psychopaths don’t like the book very much.)
  8. When I was young, one of the joys of going abroad was to meet foreigners and learn about their culture. There is no need to go abroad. The foreigners are all here. One should go abroad to meet one’s fellow countrymen – most of whom have already emigrated.
  9. The Royals are doing everything conceivable to make themselves hated and despised. And they’re doing it very efficiently. They must be doing it on purpose. Charles accepts millions in plastic bags and thinks it’s OK because he’s got servants to carry the bags. Andrew pays out £12 million for something he says he didn’t do and is clearly deluded. William and Kate should be living in Stepford. And Harry and Meghan need to be locked away for their own and our protection. And queenie is so out of touch that she didn’t think there was anything wrong in giving knighthoods to the deeply unpleasant Klaus ‘anal’ Schwab and the equally unpleasant Tony ‘war criminal’ Blair. The whole damned family need sectioning. They make the Addams family look normal. Tourists come to Britain to have a good laugh at them (and at us for giving them so much money).
  10. The queen’s Platinum Jubilee cost Britain £2.4 billion. That’s £40 each. I don’t know about you but I’d have much rather had the £40.
  11. The Chinese government will pay £1,200 to anyone who informs on people they suspect of being enemies of the state. Doubtless coming to a country near you soon.
  12. Organisations such as Amnesty International, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and International Consortium of Investigating Journalists are constantly protesting about what goes on in countries where there is no freedom of speech and the news is suppressed. Those organisations need to look closer to home for there has been no freedom of speech in any western country for two and a half years. Like many writers I have had my past, my reputation and my future stolen by politicians and journalists. And I am denied access to the mainstream media and to the large internet sites.
  13. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is an artificial, profit making solution to a natural process and was created to make money for drug companies. Drug companies turned the menopause into an illness so that they could make money out of it. And now women are screaming and begging to be taken advantage of.
  14. The global influencer economy is now worth $13.8 billion. (Influencers are, apparently, people with social media accounts who are paid to promote products which they pretend they just like.) The internet constantly produces new swathes of confidence tricksters and charlatans.
  15. I suspect that fewer people were interested in this year’s exhibition tennis matches at Wimbledon because the authorities excluded Russian players. That was perceived by many as unfair and racist.
  16. Civil servants are still predominantly pro-EU and anti-Brexit because they were trained and indoctrinated to believe in the EU – the first step towards the Great Reset. (If you want to know more about the EU’s background read my book The Shocking History of the EU. It really is shocking.)
  17. Because it is now almost impossible to drive past a cyclist, the whole of Britain will soon be travelling along at the speed of the slowest cyclist.
  18. The England cricket team’s historic win over India was the 21st item on the BBC news website. I wonder how high up the story would have been if India had beaten England. Or if it had been the England women’s team which had won.
  19. Any otherwise healthy person wearing a face mask while simply walking about or shopping or sitting in a café is quite insane and should be locked up for their own protection.
  20. A presstitute is someone who writes or says whatever they are told to write or say because they are being paid. The mainstream media is dominated by presstitutes. The BBC is staffed entirely by presstitutes.

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