A Nurses’ Strike Will Murder Thousands

If British nurses go on strike they will betray centuries of caring and they will murder thousands of people. Essential treatments will inevitably be delayed. The suffering endured by the innocent and by those in pain will be immense.

If you deliberately choose to do something which results in a death then you’re a murderer.

If nurses walk out and go on strike then there is absolutely no doubt patients will die as a result.

This is guaranteed. And nurses must know this.

Nurses who strike probably won’t end up in court – though they should.

But they will have to live with the fact that they have betrayed their profession and their patients and they are murderers.

Nurses are not poorly paid. And their inflation busting pay demands are absurd and selfish and they must know they will never be met. The odd thing is that according to the BBC (a discredited conspiracy supporter) the Royal College of Nursing wants to have pay talks with the Government. If that’s true (and we always have to be careful with anything reported on the discredited BBC) it seems to show arrogance and ignorance since unions negotiate with their employers and the NHS, not the Government, is the relevant employer.

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