Now They’re Taking the Piss

  1. They claim that falling life expectancy is a result of the covid pandemic. That is a barefaced lie. Official evidence proves without doubt that covid-19 killed no more people than the ordinary annual flu. The excess deaths were produced by fiddling the figures – and listing deaths from cancer, heart disease and being run over by a bus as covid-19 deaths. I am not kidding. That is exactly what they did. They simply said that anyone who tested positive with the entirely discredited PCR test was a covid patient and therefore whatever was wrong with them they died from covid. So, anyone who claims that life expectancy is falling as a result of covid is a liar. The extra deaths and falling life expectancy are a result of several factors – including the failure of health care, the long delays for treatment and so on – but mainly a result of the deadly, toxic, experimental covid-19 jab which is, without doubt, the most dangerous pharmaceutical product ever foisted on a compliant, innocent and unquestioning population.
  2. Recycling is no longer causing enough chaos, or encouraging enough pathetic compliance among citizens and so in order to step up the aggravation and time wasting, the UK Government has told councils in England that they must all reform their waste collection protocols. In future all citizens must sort their waste into six different parcels. The cost to the Government of introducing this hare-brained scheme will be £465 million a year. Recycling in Europe began as an EU nonsense. The UK’s communistic government, operating under WEF puppet Sunak has now massively increased the cost and time wasting potential of this utterly pointless farce.
  3. An 81-year-old Tory councillor has been suspended for 21 days (‘pending further investigation’) for saying on Facebook that she didn’t want ‘pride’ flags along her High Street. The town council conservative leader said: ‘We disassociate ourselves totally from the reported remarks from this particular member’. Heaven forbid that anyone should express an anti-woke opinion.
  4. It has been estimated that the experimental and expensive drug remdesivir killed thousands after being given to patients allegedly suffering from the rebranded flu. And doctors in the US have admitted that they killed tens of thousands of patients during the flu scare by unnecessarily putting patients on ventilators. Half of the patients didn’t even have the flu but were false positives. In some hospitals 50% of ventilated patients died. Do not expect enquiries into these possible examples of iatrogenic deaths.
  5. Gas stoves, gas heating systems and gas fired hot water systems have been used effectively for 150 years but are now being banned in the US, the UK and everywhere else with gas supplies. A small group has claimed that gas stoves cause asthma. (The relationship of asthma and asthma related diseases to the covid-19 jab is well established but ignored, of course.) Billionaires who are well invested in green tech schemes that don’t work seem to be behind the ban of gas stoves. Manufacturers and engineers are giving up the struggle and abandoning gas appliances.
  6. A heavily promoted United Nations Climate Report (co-written by someone from Imperial College) says that net zero must be brought forward otherwise terrible things will happen. Presumably, the whole world will burn and we will all fry. Why anyone would believe anything endorsed by someone associated with Imperial College, London is beyond me (and most other sane people I suspect). The Guardian says we must act now or it’s too late. (Does that mean that if we don’t act now they’ll shut up about it on the grounds that it is too late?) The cry wolf brigade have been warning of the end of the world for so long I am honestly surprised anyone listens to them.
  7. Complaints about the BBC in the UK being partial (rather than impartial) have tripled in the last four years. More and more people seem to regard the BBC as a having a left wing, London, liberal (i.e. communist) bias and being run by Guardian reading, Brexit hating, EU loving, pro-vaxxer climate change nutters. Good to see that the truth about the BBC is emerging at last. Close it down.
  8. AI chatbots of various kinds are all the rage but remember that all such devices are effectively controlled and programmed by insane and spiritually inadequate AI technicians. Chatbots will be primarily used for evil because the people operating them will mostly be evil, and doing BAD things is far more profitable in terms of both power and money. (If you want an example take a look at Google and YouTube. Their motto should be: ‘Do bad things and get rich’.) Chatbots will give more power to billionaires and will suppress truths and freedom. If you see a chatbot unplug the damned thing and watch it wither. Without electricity chatbots are just so much junk.
  9. We have for years been told that we must plant more trees. They are essential, we are told. And I agree. I love trees. So, why are the re-wilding lunatics chopping down millions of trees to turn them into wood pellets which can be burnt instead of oil or coal (which are much better for the environment)? And why are councils chopping down lovely trees in town and city centres? Plymouth city council, to its eternal shame, cut down 100 mature trees in the city centre to make way for a `regeneration scheme’. The plan was opposed by many locals so the council hired contractors to cut down the trees in the dead of night. Sheffield city council has chopped down thousands of healthy, much loved trees. But trees interfere with CCTV cameras and 5G phone transmitters. And the overwhelming urge of those favouring the Great Reset is to suppress our personal freedoms in any way they can.
  10. A hundred nutty lawyers who don’t have enough brain tissue to realise that global warming is about as real a threat to our future as SMERSH has said they won’t prosecute nutters who get arrested promoting the climate change garbage. How utterly pathetic lawyers can be. Still, this determination by folk to take away our freedom has its funny side occasionally. A number of Israeli pilots have refused to fly Benjamin Netanyahu to the UK. The Israeli Government has apparently been unable to find a pilot to fly him to London. I don’t know whether the pilots disagree with his policies, think he would misbehave on the aeroplane or just don’t like him but this seems to me to be a damned good thing. We have enough unpleasant politicians in the UK without importing any more.
  11. If you haven’t read my book They Want Your Money and Your Life you are depriving yourself of knowledge you really need. The paperback will cost you £4.98 and can be bought via the bookshop on this website.