Non English Footballers are Guilty of Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption of an element of one culture by members of another.

So, if an Englishman wears a kilt he is guilty of cultural appropriation. If an American wears a beret and carries a baguette he is guilty of cultural appropriation because those are things that only the French are allowed to do. If anyone who isn’t Japanese wears a kimono they are guilty of cultural appropriation.

This nonsense is taken very seriously by the woke.

So, here’s something for them to think about.

Most sports and games were invented by Englishmen.

So, why isn’t it cultural appropriation when people from countries other than England play sports such as football, rugby or cricket?

Either the woke must wake up and support my contention that the Argentinians, the Germans and the Brazilians must not play football; the Welsh, the French, the Scots and the New Zealanders must not play rugby and the Australians, Indians, Pakistanis, South Africans, West Indians et al must stop playing cricket, or they must suddenly start thinking and behaving like human beings.

It will, I fear, be a tricky decision, for the woke do not have big brains.

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