News about Vernon Coleman’s Videos

Vernon’s videos were removed from YouTube when it was decided that they contained too many uncomfortable truths. And his videos on Brand New Tube were hacked into a bottomless void.

(The truth is definitely out of fashion these days.)

For a while we feared that Vernon’s videos were gone and lost forever.

But they’re coming back bit by bit, hosted on a secret server which is situated in a secret place.

You can access the videos here.

We persuaded the IT superstars to keep things simple – so just go to VIDEOS.

The secret IT superstars who are working on the secret server in a secret place are still putting up the missing videos – but will be adding old ones a few at a time.

Meanwhile, you can see quite a few of the old videos simply by going here.

Unlike much of the rubbish on the wretched YouTube (‘Yesterday’s platform for yesterday’s people’ is their new slogan) there are no adverts, no fees and no requests for money on And if you want to put existing videos on other platforms then please help yourself to as many as you can carry.

(If you want to help finance our work, please just buy a book or two by Vernon Coleman. That’s how we pay for everything. There is no other source of income.)

P.S. Did we mention that videos which were banned from YouTube and Brand New Tube are now on this website? We did? Oh good.