Natural Pain Control: Overcoming persistent and recurrent pain

Well over half the adult population suffer from persistent or recurrent pain. Millions are partly or totally disabled by the pain produced by diseases such as arthritis, backache, migraine and cancer. Countless numbers suffer from period pains, unbearable headaches and other problems for which there seems to be no medical explanation – and no cure.

Persistent or recurrent pain has a fearful effect upon both the body and the mind. It turns strong individuals into weak, nervous folk. It turns the affable into the irritable; it makes cowards of the brave.

Doctors often point out that pain can be a useful warning sign, a message designed to tell us that all is not well. But too often pain serves no useful purpose at all. Acute pain may be a life saver but chronic pain is the most fearful of all burdens. It turns the sensible into the desperate. Pain makes people vulnerable and turns cautious citizens into easy targets for quacks and charlatans.

The sufferer from persistent or recurrent pain cannot sleep or rest; his hopes will be built up repeatedly and then quickly dashed; he will often find it difficult to explain to others the extent of his pain and suffering. However bizarre they may seem, he will explore all potential possibilities for relief and understanding, support and sympathy. He will struggle to understand what purpose his pain can serve. He will be depressed and discouraged no matter how often he is given hope and encouragement.

Sadly, patients suffering from persistent or recurrent pain are not well served by the medical profession. Doctors will usually search for some permanent cure, and when none can be found they will become disheartened, disappointed and frustrated. They feel guilty and inadequate and refer their patients to yet another physician or surgeon. The patient will be passed from surgery to clinic to hospital to surgery, trying drugs and operations but too often getting nowhere.

And yet, despite the failure of the medical profession to offer much in the way of useful advice, the fact is that during the last two decades we have learned an enormous amount about what causes pain and about how pain can best be controlled. We still do not have access to immediate and permanent cures. But we do know how pain can be controlled well enough to enable sufferers to lead normal lives.

The Pain Control Programme outlined in my book Natural Pain Control is not offered as a miracle remedy – and I advise all patients who have pain of any kind to seek help from their own doctors first. But the Programme is designed to show how pain can be controlled and, hopefully, many doctors will be willing to work with patients using the techniques I describe.

A pain that is allowed to grow unfettered will prove crippling and dangerous. A patient who is constantly fighting pain will retire to his bed, abandon his work, and allow himself to sink into a slough of despair from which escape is nigh on impossible. And the more passive a patient becomes, the more fearful and constricting will his pain become.

My Pain Control Programme, in my book Natural Pain Control, will help patients gain control over their pain. It will enable patients who suffer from persistent or recurrent pain of any kind to take charge of their lives once more. It will show patients hope for the future and will enable them to harness their own strength and courage in such a way that they will be able to overcome the fearful handicap of persistent, debilitating pain.

The book Natural Pain Control by Vernon Coleman is available from Amazon.