Nations Are Taking Sides – As World War III Continues Unnoticed

I feel like that genial old fellow who used to walk around with a bi sign saying ‘The End is Nigh’. (I think he’s gone now – arrested, I suspect, for being suspected of having Christian views.)

But I no longer care if people think I’m as crazy as the mainstream mud slingers would have you believe.

I don’t do scare mongering and apart from having consistently told you the truth for the last three years you will, if you look at the front page of, see a list of some of my accurate warnings and predictions over the last fifty years.

So, here’s the latest.

You will, no doubt, have noticed that mainstream journalists around the world are busy promoting a variety of distractions.

Supported by sources such as the CIA (the unrivalled, gold medal winning specialists in misinformation and disinformation) the discredited propaganda machines (such as the BBC, Google, YouTube, Daily Mail, etc.) are eagerly and enthusiastically covering up the real threats facing us all.

There has been hardly a mention of the fact that US President Biden was responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines – and impoverishing millions in Europe and the rest of the world. And the fact that the EU is now officially at war with Russia has received the sort of coverage usually given to a small fire in a fish and chip shop.

There have been plenty of distractions.

The most popular distraction seems to be the sudden plethora of balloons or missiles or UFOs now floating through our skies and being shot down by the American air force. The air force apparently had to fire twice at one huge balloon which makes one wonder about their ability to hit targets which have the temerity to move about a lot and the audacity to shoot back.

Believe or not, the American Government seems to want us to believe that we are being invaded by aliens.

Meanwhile, the really big news is that nations are currently picking sides for the developing World War (which has, of course, already started).

It seems clear that there will be two main sides.

My professional guess is that side one, wearing khaki coloured Zelenski fatigues, will consist of Ukraine, the United States, the European Union (with Germany and France being particularly enthusiastic) and, apparently now in the driving seat, the United Kingdom. Australia has also signed up for this team as, apparently, have the Philippines and Japan as well as Taiwan. The UK’s enthusiastic and generous support (and geographical location) almost certainly means that if Russia starts sending rockets further than Ukraine then London will be the first target. Those BBC staff working in London might like to take notice and watch out for signs that Charlie and Rishi are leaving town for engagements outside the Greater Metropolitan area. It is be hoped that the air force plane which took two expensive attempts to shoot down a balloon won’t be in charge of shooting down rockets which, it would seem to me, might prove to be rather trickier targets.

Side two will probably consist of Russia, China, India, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, Syria, Iraq and (a kick in the teeth for the US) Saudi Arabia. A host of small, ‘emerging’ nations will doubtless support this side. Just which side Scotland will choose is a mystery and we will probably have to wait for Sturgeon’s successor to be named before we find out. The team colours have not yet been selected but will doubtless be colourful.

Israel seems to be playing for both teams and hoping no one will notice. Or maybe they’re hoping to be appointed the referee so that when it’s all over they can go home with the coats, the left-over orange segments and the oil.

Meanwhile, if you want to know what is happening make sure that you watch my latest video which is entitled ‘Urgent Warning to Everyone’ (and read my book which is entitled They want your money and your life and which can be purchased for less than a fiver by visiting the BOOKS section of either or

If you don’t care what is happening in and to the world, and prefer to remain full to the brim with disinformation, misinformation and meaningless tittle tattle then I recommend that you watch the discredited BBC or gaze unblinkingly at videos of puppies roller skating on YouTube.