More Stuff the BBC and YouTube may have forgotten to tell you

Censorship, misinformation and disinformation are now commonplace in the mainstream media. Here are a few truths which you probably haven’t seen on the awful, unbalanced and shameful BBC and the utterly discredited YouTube:

  1. There is no little irony in the fact that one apparently respectable world organisation is begging the public for money to help deal with the human crisis in Ukraine when another apparently respectable world organisation is considered responsible for the war that is causing the human crisis in Ukraine. You couldn’t make it up, could you?
  2. The MCC is flogging tickets for cricket matches at Lords this summer. The tickets for the match between the men of England and the men of Australia is almost sold out but, and this will surprise you not at all, there is `good availability’ for tickets for the match between the women of England versus the women of Australia. This proves my long standing contention that no discerning person is interested in women’s cricket matches, and the fact that they are organised and promoted with such absurd enthusiasm is a sign of commitment to political correctness rather than to good business sense. I can think of just one sport played by women that is anywhere near as popular as the same sport played by men. The single exception is, of course, beach volleyball.
  3. I mentioned the other day that it is hackers from Canada who try hardest to close down There are more attempts from Canada than from the US or the UK. Who on earth have I upset in lovely Canada?
  4. The NHS has agreed a deal to buy a new gene therapy with which to treat children with a rare condition involving their nervous system and organs. The treatment costs £2.8 million per patient – far above what the Government usually reckons a human life is worth. Those cheering this news might like to wonder what will happen when there are hundreds of new treatments available (which there will be), all costing £2.8 million per treatment or more. Within five years the entire NHS budget could be spent on expensive gene therapies for a small number of patients. Meanwhile, millions of patients needing simple, effective, relatively cheap remedies for heart disease, cancer and blindness will have to go without. It all fits the plan, of course.
  5. In an article which I wrote in 1989, when I was The Sun’s medical correspondent, I pointed out that there was a plan to microchip every man, woman and child in the UK. If you wait long enough the past catches up with you and the seemingly impossible becomes reality.
  6. The globalists’ plan to get rid of Christians is moving ahead very quickly. Everywhere I look there are signs of Christians being oppressed and suppressed and punished. If you want to know why, take a look in my book Endgame at the entries for Chrislam, Christmas and Church. The conspirators have to get rid of Christianity in order to bring in their New World Order and lead us into the Great Reset.
  7. The pornographic books now sitting uncomfortably in primary school libraries are so foul that parents who read out extracts at an official hearing were told that they had to shut up – because the material they were reading was too offensive for adults to hear. My friend Arbuthnot claims that the countless thousands of teachers worldwide who are actively promoting homosexuality and trans-genderism in schools should be charged with child abuse, flogged and then fired but I cannot possibly comment, of course.
  8. The Expose website reports that the approval of the covid-19 pseudo-vaccine led to a 1580% spike in child deaths in Europe. Naturally, the mainstream media refuse to connect covid jabs to the epidemic of death (this is like refusing to link the fact that you are getting wet to the fact that it’s raining). Drug companies and jabbing doctors made huge sums of money out of the carnage.
  9. According to the Government of Canada (looking at the way the country is run you wouldn’t think there was one, would you?) around three quarters of parents believe that childhood vaccines are effective and help to protect the health of their child and others in the family or community. This suggests to me that around three quarters of Canadian parents are ignorant and stupid and not fit to look after themselves let alone small children. (I do hope that this comment doesn’t mean that more Canadians will be trying to hack my websites.)
  10. A retired vicar has been banned for 12 years over what were described by the BBC as virulently anti-Semitic posts. The vicar got into trouble because he shared an article claiming that Israel was behind the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001. The Archbishop of Canterbury claimed that the vicar’s actions had given encouragement to conspiracy theories. Now, the odd thing is that the view the vicar shared is, I have seen it claimed, the most widely held explanation for the 11/9 tragedy. It is, therefore, other theories which can properly be described as conspiracy theories. And what a pity that the Archbishop (who has, in my view, done massive damage to the church which employs him) does not approve of free speech. Does anyone still remember free speech?

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