Mind Control is Nothing New

There was much excitement among the easily excited (and fairly ignorant) when American billionaire Elon Musk showed how he could use a small remote control device to control an animal which had a receiver implanted in its head.

The surprise was that anyone took any notice of this.

During the 1950s, a Yale University psychiatrist Dr Jose Delgado examined mind control methods as part of the MK ULTRA program. It had been known for a century and a half that if wires are poked into the brain and an electric charge is passed through them there will be different responses from different parts of the brain.

After his experiments Delgado concluded:

Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact…it is even possible to create and follow intentions…by electronic stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command… by remote control.

That was nearly three quarters of a century before Elon Musk conducted his much publicised `breakthrough’ experiment.

Indeed, if Musk or the journalists who wrote about his experiment, had done a little research they would have been able to read about Delgado’s experiment in my book Paper Doctors which was published in 1977.

This is what I wrote:

In the 1950s Dr Delgado of the Yale University School of Medicine showed that two cats, normally quite friendly, could be made to fight fiercely if electrodes implanted in their brains were given impulses. Even when it continually lost its fights the smaller of the two cats continued to be aggressive when stimulated. In one dramatic experiment, Dr Delgado wired a bull with electrodes and then planted himself in the middle of a bullring with a cape and a small transmitter. The bull charged but was stopped by Dr Delgado pressing a button on his transmitter. The bull screeched to a halt inches away from its target. Dr Delgado has reported that: `Animals with implanted electrodes in their brains have been made to perform a variety of responses with predictable reliability as if they were electronic toys under human control.

Similar experiments have been performed with human beings. The patients selected had all proved dangerous and had shown that they had uncontrollable tempers. By electronic stimulation every patient was controlled. More detailed accounts of these experiments can be read in Physical Control of the Mind by J.M.R.Delgado.

Today, of course, the receptors required for the control of the human brain do not need to be implanted surgically. Indeed, modern receptors are so small that they could be placed in the body via a far less intrusive method – an apparently ordinary injection, for example.

Just thought you should know…

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