The Madness Never Ends

  1. Medical treatment in the UK is made available according to committees of social workers whose priorities are different to the priorities most of us would favour. So, for example, all other things being equal an unemployed illegal immigrant from Neptune with twelve children and bomb making skills would receive precedence over Shakespeare, Dickens or Milton.
  2. The globalist conspirators want to put particles into the stratosphere in order to conquer non-existent global warming by partly blocking out the sun. Is the real reason for this dangerous nonsense to shorten the growing season and lead to mass starvation, and billions of deaths, around the world? (When you read or hear about something strange, always ask yourself how the homicidal conspirators will benefit.)
  3. Throwing out old paperwork I found a contract I was given when I wrote a column for The People newspaper. The paper had been owned by Robert Maxwell and my contract contained two clauses which had been put into all contracts by Robert Maxwell. The first told me that I would not be entitled to a pension. The second warned me that when I joined the paper I would be expected to uphold the moral and ethical standards of Robert Maxwell. When I pointed out that the second clause would be quite a challenge it was removed. Pity really, I should have left it in.
  4. I fear that anyone who is still allowed to put videos on YouTube and who isn’t labelled a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist’ on Google is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who works anonymously is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who has active links to drug companies is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who supports general vaccination programmes is probably controlled opposition. Anyone who hasn’t been regularly and repeatedly banned by Twitter and Facebook is probably controlled opposition. It isn’t true by the way that you can keep a YouTube account by being careful, clever or crafty. YouTube, which is oppressive, evil and thoroughly discredited, is for conspirators and collaborators. Every time you use YouTube you are helping the enemy.
  5. The British Home Secretary says that violence against women must be considered a national threat. This is a sexist comment because it suggest that violence against men (which is, incidentally, much commoner than violence against women) is to be considered acceptable.
  6. Our young friend, Zina Cohen has asked me to thank those who bought her excellent book about global warming called Greta’s Homework. (If you liked the book and haven’t written a review please do so – if only to combat the bad ratings given to the book by climate change nutters who haven’t bothered to read the book but who have nevertheless found themselves able to `review’ it. If you haven’t read it then you should. If nothing else it will enable you to crush anyone who suggests that climate change is real.)
  7. When junior doctors go on strike in England in March 2023 the death rate will fall. It always does when doctors go on strike. Those who support this absurd, outrageous and greedy strike (the junior doctors want a 26% pay rise) should be fired and exiled. The BMA, the patients’ enemy, should be forced into court to explain (if it can) outrageous and indefensible actions. The doctors’ strike will leave patients in pain and distress and doctors who strike are clearly unfit for any sort of health care post and should permanently lose their licences to practise. I wouldn’t hire them as cleaners or hospital porters but I suppose their blatantly fascist tendencies might make them suitable candidates for employment as car park attendants.
  8. The mainstream media has been trying to get people to drink tap water and eschew bottled water. I’m not surprised. Tap water is full of fluoride and residues of every conceivable prescription drug (including female hormones). If you want to know more read my book Superbody. I haven’t drunk tap water (even for making tea or coffee) for years.
  9. In 1792 (and before anyone says anything that is a year which I can only just remember) the Reverend Elisha Smith of Towester announced that he had renounced ‘loose living, dancing and cricket’. This was reportedly quite a sacrifice, for his friends said that he was particularly fond of cricket.
  10. An American legal firm has devised a way for companies which are being sued by individuals who consider they have been damaged by the company’s product, to split themselves into two, putting all the lawsuits into one firm and taking that firm into bankruptcy, while keeping the company’s money into another firm. How proud those lawyers must be. I bet they celebrated late into the night when they thought that one up. In the UK the lawyers would all be rewarded in the honours list – alongside the folk who pushed the covid-19 jabs onto the innocent and compliant public. The legal bankruptcy scheme is called the Texas two-step. Flogging a duff and dangerous `vaccine’ used to be called fraud and these days it is still called fraud but the fraudsters get awards and wealth and honours instead of five years in Wormwood Scrubs.
  11. It is rumoured that the Meghan is upset by her portrayal on South Park and has instructed lawyers. It has been said that she is worried that the naughty satire might affect her chances of becoming President of the United States of America. Let’s hope the publicity shy pair turn up at the king’s coronation and turn it into a shambles so that we at least get some laughs in return for the vast amounts of money this pointless junket will cost us.
  12. An EU spokesman says that the EU must step up bullet production because Ukraine is running out. I bet the Ukraine’s generals are delighted that the Russians now know that Ukrainian soldiers have to count their bullets before going into battle.
  13. An idiotic Ukrainian in a smart, clean uniform said that his country’s tanks will soon be in Red Square. He’s an idiot because his tanks will never be in Red Square unless the Russians take them home with them as souvenirs. The problem for Ukraine (and everyone else supporting that country) is that Russia has nukes and if it looks as if they might lose they’ll fire some nuclear weapons at Kiev and finish it off.
  14. The death of the unfortunate woman whose medical problems were revealed by the police (who, it seems to me have always had some difficulty understanding the concept of confidentiality) seemed to drag on forever. Is it possible it was a distraction to ensure that no one noticed that the Americans had destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline – and therefore declared war on Russia? And, of course, the woman’s death will doubtless be used as an excuse to paper the entire country with CCTV cameras so that no one can ever again fall in a river, or do anything else, without being spotted by the Authorities. (Note that although the police were allegedly patrolling the river – though not looking in the reedy stuff it seems – the body of the missing woman was spotted by dog walkers. I look forward to hearing Lancashire Police explain why it was necessary to reveal that the unfortunate woman who died in a river recently was menopausal. As a doctor, I cannot see what possible relevance this could have had to their investigation.
  15. I was delighted to see The Guardian recently leading its front page with a story headed ‘Alarm over rising tide of toxic ‘forever chemicals’. If they want to publish more on this important subject I suggest they look at my book Paper Doctors (originally published 47 years ago, in 1976, and published as a new paperback recently). Paper Doctors contains extensive information about the danger of chemicals in our world. The funny thing is that The Guardian gave the book a glowing review when it first appeared – back in 1976.
  16. Some of the UK’s most highly paid economists claim that the UK’s rate of inflation will fall back to the Bank of England’s 2% target before the end of 2023. And, no doubt, they can promise us that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will give every citizen a million pounds to spend as they please. And Charlie, His Royal Hypocrite, will abdicate. And the climate change nutters will confess that they’re been having us on and climate change doesn’t exist. (It’s not April 1st, is it?)
  17. The United States is still demanding that international visitors must be jabbed with a pseudo-vaccine that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do but does kill and maim people. Why does the US Government want to stop sensible visitors and ensure that only lunatics step onto American soil?
  18. Spain spent £300 million on new trains. Unfortunately, the new trains they’ve bought are too wide to pass through Spanish tunnels. Governments everywhere are run and advised by morons. (Anyone wanting to buy brand new, unused trains very cheaply should get in touch with the Spanish Government.)
  19. I am proud to be President and Secretary of the English Society for the Preservation of Spotted Dick. This English pudding delicacy is under serious threat (again) from the humourless woke mob who (not for the first time) want it to be renamed Spotted Richard. There have been usually light hearted attempts to put an end to spotted dick for at least 50 years to my knowledge but this time the politically correct are getting serious. I loathe and despise the woke. Long live Spotted Dick!
  20. The conspirators, the collaborators and the brain-dead woke disguise their fear and loathing for individual histories and culture with a maniacal, satanic devotion to the dangerous nonsense they call diversity. An end to diversity, I say! We’ve had more than enough of it.
  21. Someone called Paul Mescal, who I am told is an actor, attracted headlines when he spoke of the anger he felt when a fan put her hand on his bottom while he was posing for a photo outside a theatre. The BBC reports that he said he tensed up and felt ‘just, like, fury’. There is no word yet of his seeking counselling as a result of the experience but I suspect that a chat-show, a podcast, a Netflix series and a bestselling book may well be in the pipeline.

If you want to know why everything is scary and getting worse please read They want your money and your life. It explains just about everything – including what is happening to your money and to your health care. Alternatively, shut the door, close the curtains, go to bed and wait for the bogeymen to get you.