Madness is Infectious: there is an epidemic of it

  1. Several doctors have recently spoken out about the fake pandemic and the toxic covid jab – but they haven’t said anything that hasn’t been already said (in some cases years ago). More significantly they have remained anonymous. Any comments or revelations which come from anonymous sources are worthless and must, I’m afraid, be assumed to have been fed to us by the CIA or the 77th Brigade. The cowardice of doctors who have refused to speak out openly constantly amazes me. Yes, it’s true that speaking out is damaging. Yes, it can wreck your career. Yes, you’ll get hammered by the establishment. But people are being killed by being given a deadly jab that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do – but which does kill people. Those with something to say should realise that if they speak out openly their words will be valuable. Doctors who speak anonymously are as cowardly as the ones who say nothing; their words are worthless and of no more value than the usual drivel from the trolls who inhabit the deep, dark corners of social media. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is. If doctors who kept silent had spoken out three years ago, and had the courage to identify themselves, they might have helped prevent the greatest outrage in history. Into the same category must go those drug company executives who worked in the industry for decades and then suddenly discovered that their company is crooked. What the hell took them so long? Pfizer and other big drug companies have, for years, been as rotten as three month old fish.
  2. Some of those who were jabbed are now complaining that we didn’t make enough effort to warn them of the dangers. Some of these are the very same people who supported the medical establishment, the drug industry and journalists telling lies. Those of us who gave our time for three years (and destroyed our reputations and income) have a right to feel aggrieved at this unjustifiable whingeing. The moaners should blame organisations such as the BBC, celebrities who promoted the jabs without knowing what the hell they were doing and doctors who spread drug industry lies without bothering to do their own research. Those who are jabbed were given plenty of information but they made a choice to believe the drug companies and the politicians and I lost much (though not all) sympathy with them over a year ago. Many indeed promoted the establishment line, became collaborators and made our work infinitely more difficult. Now they are moaning that they’ve been injured.
  3. The people who support the EU (eg the ‘remainers’) are either immensely and irredeemably evil or immensely and irredeemably stupid. There is no third alternative. They are pushing us towards the Great Reset.
  4. The brains of many of those who took the covid-19 jab have been severely affected. They have become stupid and slow witted and exhibit the signs of those unfortunates who have had had destructive brain surgery.
  5. For over 60 years the CIA has been destroying the credibility and reputations of scientists, doctors and others telling unwelcome truths. They’re still doing it today – with the help of Wikipedia (the bent, fake, crooked, discredited ‘encyclopaedia’) and Google (arguably the internet’s main source of evil). I can confirm the effectiveness of this. I am banned from YouTube (which even banned me from looking at other people’s videos) and ALL social media. Any social media sites in my name are fakes.
  6. The Government in the UK pays extra money to parents with children who have special needs. Tragically, parents are preventing their children from learning so that they can claim they have special needs (and receive the bonus payments).
  7. You should, of course, always use cash whenever possible. But it is vital to use cash if you buy postage stamps in the UK. New stamps which carry special codes can be traced. This means that if you buy postage stamps with a credit card, the Government will know where letters begin their journey and where they end their journey – and who wrote them.
  8. The vast majority of crimes in Britain which do not involve motorists are not investigated. The vast majority of crimes which are investigated do not result in an arrest. (Only 5.6% of crimes lead to a charge, let alone an arrest or a sentence.) And nearly 10% of all serious offences (including violence, sex crimes, possession of weapons and theft) result in the offender being expected to apologise for their misbehaviour but not serve any sort of sentence. These crimes are not recorded and so the `criminals’ do not have a criminal record and the crime figures are kept artificially low. It seems unnecessary to add to this sad commentary on the state of the police in the United Kingdom but I will just add that the police always seem to have plenty of time to arrest demonstrators whose protests are considered inappropriate and to investigate and punish those who have made comments on social media which have annoyed liberal left-wingers who support the climate change myth, unlimited immigration and compulsory vaccination programmes. The insane activities of the econutters will soon lead to new, tougher laws restricting all demonstrations. And, of course, the police have unlimited time available to pursue motorists who are not considered to have allowed sufficient space (at least five feet) when driving past a cyclist or who have broken any one of the myriad rules and regulations which make driving such a lottery these days. (The laws of the road these days are designed to give cyclists precedence over motorists. Cyclists have special cycle lanes, they are allowed to ride wherever they wish, they often carry cameras fitted to their helmets so that they can sneak on motorists whom they regard as having infringed their `rights’ as cyclists and they are not required to pay a road tax towards the cost of their existence and nor are they required to pay for insurance. There can be little doubt that the plan is to force more and more people out of their cars and onto bicycles. This is an integral part of the Great Reset wherein we will not be allowed to travel more than a mile or two from where we live – and when we do travel it will be by bicycle.) Meanwhile, there is ample evidence that most of Britain’s police officers keep themselves busy tweeting and virtue signalling (but not cycling – when did you last see a policeman on a bicycle?).
  9. The woke are no longer a joke (if they ever were). The woke are the compliant collaborators, the left wing zealots, the deranged uber-greens, the lovers of the EU, the cultists who believe that man-made climate change is a real threat. The woke are the people who work with the conspirators towards the Great Reset and the New Normal. The woke have been so indoctrinated by the fear-producing media and government departments devoted to brain washing that they wear their masks and accept their covid-19 jabs without question. They believe that cash is dirty and dangerous and they insist on managing all their transactions with plastic cards. They believe in apps, digital money and social credit. They are physically, mentally and spiritually beyond our hope. They are quite lost and cannot be rescued. We need to abandon them and save ourselves.
  10. It is widely believed among those who are aware of the danger we are in that the fake covid pandemic was an end in itself – and that the covid-19 jabs were the essence of the fraud. But that’s not true. The fake covid pandemic was just part of the compliance programme; designed to control populations around the world by introducing fear and chaos and a host of entirely unnecessary, disruptive and expensive systems allegedly designed to protect us from a disease known to be no more dangerous than the flu.
  11. The hypocrisy exhibited by the climate change cultists is staggering. When their regular annual global conference is held, billionaires, company bosses and politicians and celebrities fly into the local airport in their private jets. Once there they lecture the 45,000 attendees (who have mostly flown in on commercial flights) on how and why `ordinary’ people should stop flying. Just why it is necessary for 45,000 people to attend a meeting where exactly the same misleading rhetoric will be repeated has never been explained. Nor is it ever explained why this unchanging group of lunatics should consider themselves entitled to make unsupported, irrational demands of the rest of the world. The 2022 version of the annual shindig was sponsored by Coca-Cola – hardly a good advertisement but presumably one with deep pockets. All over the world corporate presidents and executives talk endlessly about climate change (and criticise Brexit) in the hope, one assumes, that their customers will not notice that prices are soaring and quality shrinking, that their workers will not care about deteriorating conditions and shareholders will be too enthralled to notice falling share prices and reduced dividends. It seems fair to say now that company bosses who talk endlessly about climate change, and their determination to stamp it out, are merely trying to hide their own incompetence and hoping that their left wing woke views will ensure that they are forgiven. Today, the extremists (many of whom are being paid) boast of having prevented ambulances and fire engines from responding to emergency calls. It does not seem to them that putting lives at risk might harm their cause. Their only concern is to destroy society and lead us into the Great Reset.
  12. Journalists, politicians and so on are still looking for an explanation for the demise of the NHS. Most seem to think more money would help. More money would not help. The NHS already has too much money and too many people. The NHS was destroyed the moment GPs decided to stop seeing patients at night and at weekends. It was then that the ambulance service and hospitals had to deal with the thousands of problems which GPs dealt with easily and quickly. The NHS would recover if GPs were told to provide 24 hour a day cover – as they always used to do. GPs who refuse to do this should be fired. What else are all those doctors going to do that will earn them £150,000 a year for a two or three day week?
  13. ‘Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imbeciles.’ - Dostoevsky
  14. There is no free speech anywhere in the world. In the UK, Christians are an ethnic minority, and in many parts of the country white English folk are an oppressed ethnic minority.
  15. It appears to have become common for people to complain of discrimination of some kind if they are not picked for their national sports teams or awarded prizes. I sympathise. The failure of my most recent video to be on the short list for an Oscar is clear evidence of discrimination. And yet again I haven’t been picked for any of the England teams (cricket, football, rugby and tiddlywinks). This is clearly either racism, sexism or ageism and I shall, in due course, be making formal complaints to the appropriate bodies.

If you want to know why the NHS has failed (and how it can be mended) please read: NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right by Vernon Coleman. You can read it in less than an hour and you can buy a copy through the bookshop on this website.