Linkedin Suppresses the Truth

I put a post on ‘Linkedin’ saying: ‘Please watch my latest video entitled Masks Cause Cancer’.

The video to which I had referred contained the necessary proof. I explained that masks cause hypoxia and that hypoxia increases cancer risk – and increases the risk of metastases in someone who has cancer or has had cancer.

So, it seems that telling the truth and trying to save lives is against the Linkedin community guidelines.

Scientific evidence is certainly out of fashion with the big internet monsters whose employees have betrayed us all.

What a disgustingly corrupt world they are making.

P.S. Linkedin is owned by Microsoft – the tax avoiding source of Bill Gates’ obscene wealth and power.

In addition to that video, my book Proof that Masks do more harm than good is available as a free PDF on this website.

Please send copies to everyone you know – or don’t know. Maybe Bill Gates would like a copy. I am sure that Jeremy Vine of the BBC would love to study a copy.