The Jabbed are seriously at risk of developing Cancer

I warned in 2020, two years ago, that the covid-19 jab would cause a huge range of health problems – including myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks blood clots, etc. Everyone in the mainstream media laughed.

Now no sane doctor can possibly deny that the covid-19 jab is responsible for these health problems – and the epidemic of sudden death among both adults and children. (If you want to see my original warnings see, among others, my videos dated 4th and 8th of December 2020 which are available on this website).

And I warned in February 2020 (and on many other occasions) that the covid-19 jab would cause cancer. (You will find my video about cancer here dated 14th February 2022). I said that patients who had previously had cancer would be more likely to develop metastases.

(I also warned that mask wearers would be more at risk of cancer. (See my videos dated 19th August 2021 and 24th June 2021).)

Naturally, and quite expectedly, doctors and journalists everywhere sneered at the thought that the covid-19 jab could cause cancer.

Today, no sane, respectable doctor can possibly deny that the covid jab is responsible for many health problems – including cancer. I would bet that any doctor who denies these links has received, or is receiving blood money from one or more drug companies.

Naturally, the massive increase in cancer deaths is being blamed on the lockdowns and on the failure of doctors to do what they are paid for – see patients, make diagnoses and arrange treatment. Around the world, the majority of doctors should be tried for manslaughter and locked up for life.

But even the British Medical Journal (which carries many drug company adverts) has published a letter from an oncologist who says: `As a practising oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so that they can travel.’

The oncologist points out that the same pattern is being seen in the USA, Germany and Australia.

‘The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit,’ he writes.

For how much longer are doctors going to continue to give their patients a jab which it is known, without any doubt, will do them far more harm than good and which will mean cancer patients who are in remission are more likely to fall ill again? A jab which will, I am certain, dramatically increase the chances of previously healthy individuals developing new cancers.

Everything about this world is now dominated by corruption. But nothing is as corrupt as the medical profession. The entire medical establishment should be taken out and hung for they are all traitors to their profession and to mankind.

Vernon Coleman’s book How to stop your doctor killing you is available via the bookshop on this website.