Is it me or has the world gone mad?

  1. A doctor who repeatedly sent explicit photographs to fellow medical students was found guilty of serious misconduct by a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing. The doctor told the GMC to strip of him of his title ‘doctor’ and said that he would never practise medicine again. But the MPTS decided that to remove his name from the medical register would not be proportionate. He was suspended for 12 months. On the other hand, doctors who told the truth about the covid-19 fraud were struck off the medical register apparently with enthusiasm. I know of one such doctor who has been off the medical register for four years so far.
  2. Cancer patients in the UK are waiting longer than ever for treatment in the UK. The proportion of cancer patients starting treatment within two months of referral (the very modest target) is now around 60%. Thousands and thousands of patients are dying because although they have been diagnosed they have not been treated. Meanwhile, doctors and nurses have been busy using the faulty and entirely useless PCR test to help them misdiagnose millions of patients so that the covid figures can be massaged upwards.
  3. The war between NATO and Russia (let’s be honest about it, please) has, according to the International Chamber of Shipping, resulted in 331 seafarers on 62 ships being stuck in Ukraine ports for over a year. It is not unknown for ship owners to abandon ships and to leave crews without money or any hope of escape from their ship. One seaman was trapped on an abandoned cargo ship in Egypt for four years. A local court decided that he was the ship’s legal guardian. He had to swim to shore every few days to charge his mobile phone.
  4. I’m delighted that my recent attack on ESG has been productive. However, despite the backlash from investors (the vast majority of whom do not give a tinker’s cuss for ESG) many of the world’s biggest asset management companies are still forcing public companies to take note of economic, social and governance (ESG) issues. Companies are being forced to take climate action, take note of diversity issues and decarbonise. The result is falling company profits for absolutely no good reason. ESG is destroying companies, savings and pensions. Meanwhile, a study recently showed that ESG is still hampering the economy by undermining efficiency. So, for example, in Germany small companies which supply the steel industry are denied bank loans. And capital is allocated according to insane politically correct rules rather than because of a possible good investment.
  5. If you haven’t yet seen it please watch my video entitled ‘Hungry, Broke, Dead’. There are many copies on Bitchute. And there are copies on my channel on BrandNewTube and on this website.
  6. I feel sorry for farmers who do not understand that they are being put out of business quite deliberately. Many are confused and think that their government is merely incompetent. Not so. The plan is to get rid of farms completely. It’s just a pity that farmers have not yet seen the light and don’t understand how close we are to the Great Reset and a world in which everyone eats nothing but laboratory made food (most of it produced by Bill Gates the friend of Jeffrey Epstein and financial associate of the BBC.
  7. I suspect that investors in the future are probably going to have to rely on dividends paid by the companies in which they invest – rather than on capital gains.
  8. If we lose the war we are fighting against the conspirators and their henchmen it will mean we have lost to Blair, Schwab and Matt Hancock. Surely that is unthinkable.
  9. Nuclear power has been ‘deemed’ green – along with chopping down trees and burning gas. Only coal and oil have not yet been classified as `green’ and acceptable. And I wouldn’t bet against those two joining the list of acceptable forms of energy.
  10. The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill will add a new layer of checks and regulations that we will all have to abide by when spending money, using a credit card or moving money from A to B. This is, of course, part of the plan to force us into the Great Reset and to make us welcome digital ID and digital currencies.
  11. Henry Kissinger says that technology behind artificial intelligence chatbots will redefine human knowledge, change how we perceive reality and reorganise politics and society. So now, thanks to Kissinger’ endorsement, we know for certain that chatbots are a bad thing.
  12. The evil YouTube took in $29 billion in advertising last year. Everyone who makes videos for YouTube helps the evil giant get bigger and richer and more powerful and dangerous. The good news is that YouTube is being sued in America by the family of a woman who was shot dead during a rampage by terrorists in Paris. The family has claimed that YouTube unlawfully recommended videos made by the Islamic State militant group to certain users. If YouTube loses then the evil site could be submerged by a storm of writs. We can but hope. The world would be an infinitely better place without YouTube.
  13. Inflation is now absurdly high, and likely to remain so, and the inevitable result will be that people will spend more of their money and save less. This will lead to interest rates rising as banks and governments struggle to persuade people with a little money to put it on deposit with them.
  14. The truth about house prices in the UK won’t be clear for months to come. It now takes 150 days for a house sale to be completed and more than half a year for house prices to appear in the official statistics. We won’t know the truth of the house price crash until the autumn of 2023. Meanwhile, estate agents will lie and tell everyone that the housing market is wonderful. Well, they would wouldn’t they? The same is true globally.
  15. The world would be a better place if companies were taxed according to where their products were sold – rather than where their products are made.
  16. The UK’s poor economic growth is blamed on Brexit. However, the UK’s growth since Brexit is the same as that of Germany which is, so far as I know, still a member of the European Union.
  17. There was always going to have to be another fake pandemic. They did well with the first one and won’t be able to resist another. The next fake pandemic will, of course, come from birds or animals and will be an excuse to destroy livestock, close down farms and push people into cities. Pets will be killed too. Licensing authorities will use the chips in pets to track and destroy dogs and cats. Those who buy their pet food with a credit card will be easy to trace. Lockdowns and masks will be brought back (even though we know that they don’t work) and there will be a new wonder-vaccine. Or maybe two new wonder vaccines.
  18. The elderly, already cornered and disenfranchised, will continue to be treated as waste by the Z generation and the millennials.
  19. A recent report suggested that health care in Ukraine is better than health care in the UK. Of course it is. There is no health care in the UK.
  20. Students at Greenwich University (no, I hadn’t heard of it either) are being protected by special notes which warn them in advance of things in the work of writers such as Jane Austen which they might find disturbing. (Really? Jane Austen?) The University of Kent has told students not to refer to Christian names. Brighton University has told students to refer to the Christmas holidays as `the winter closure period’ lest someone be offended. The youth of today are incredibly sensitive – but, strangely, perfectly capable of expressing their own offensive opinions.
  21. I’m sorry to have to tell you this but Britain is totally stuffed. Totally, utterly, completely and finally buggered. And the doctors, nurses, tube drivers, BBC staff, train drivers, civil servants and other strikes are all behaving stupidly and selfishly. Thousands of union leaders around the world seem to me to be predominantly woke, communist and determined to destroy everything – to take us into the Great Reset. And the strikers, not realising that they are being used as pawns in a much bigger game are bringing the end forward even faster. (The role of communists in British society is underestimated. Incredibly. At least one fear-mongering senior advisor to the British Government is a member of the communist party.)
  22. In the UK, the Chancellor pushed up the amount that big earners can put into their pension fund. The aim, allegedly, was to bring the retired – particularly doctors – back into the workforce. Well, it won’t work with doctors – for two reasons. First, doctors who have retired will have lost their licences – and crazy General Medical Council rules (set by mad wokes) mean that it will be nigh on impossible for them to get those licences back. Second, the doctors who have retired will have left their practices. How many 60-year-old GPs are going to apply to get a job as a trainee GP? How many 60-year-old surgeons are going to try and obtain another consultancy?

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