Irrepressible Truths

  1. Striking workers might like to consider that in Japan, many workers have not had a pay rise for decades. Decades.
  2. I wonder how many volunteers who take part in drug and vaccine testing realise just how huge the risks can be? How many would allow themselves to be jabbed if they knew what the consequences could be?
  3. Every time I buy anything online with a credit card (even a book for a couple of quid) I have to through the rigmarole of receiving and inputting a special code number. This is being done for my security, I am told. But is it? Or is it training me in the hope that when digital identities are compulsory I will happily hand over every shred of documentation so that my eye scan, my photo and my fingerprints will prove I am who I say I am – and I won’t have to bother proving who I am every time I buy something. We are constantly being trained for the Great Reset.
  4. The medical establishment, like the drug industry, would rather lie and cover up than answer questions honestly or apologise for its errors – however unforced and deadly those errors might have been. The medical establishment is far more interested in money than in the truth. And it has long been my belief that the BMA, the patients’ enemy, has no interest whatsoever in looking after the health and welfare of patients.
  5. Isn’t it odd that the same people who are climate nutters, and who worry endlessly about farting cows, now wants lots of war with endless bombing, loads of bullets, rows of tanks and endless jets. Don’t they ever stop to realise that the war they love so much might just damage the environment a tad?
  6. The Arts Council should be abolished. It gives tons of taxpayers’ money to fund arts projects which no one wants to pay for out of their own pockets. And the mad woke won’t allow corporate sponsorship because money obtained by commercial means is nasty and dirty and must be eschewed. So taxpayers must foot the bill for lunatics to stand on one leg in a paddling pool while reciting poetry.
  7. Traffic to in the 28 days of February 2023 was around 25 million. That’s six million more than in January. Proof I think that people really do want the truth. Please tell your friends and enemies to visit.
  8. Productivity in the UK and the whole of the EU is horribly low (it is worse in the UK than anywhere else in the world). The main reason: bureaucracy, red tape, excessive paperwork. For example, doctors and policemen spend 80% of their working week filling in forms and dealing with stupid questions from flat bottomed bureaucrats. For doctors, I reckon the worst offender is the General Medical Council – the GMC’s absurd and much hated revalidation scheme is, I believe, why thousands of experienced doctors have chosen to retire early.
  9. Sitting in a café is no fun these days since, quite understandably, the proprietor can no longer afford to turn on the heating.
  10. Those of us fighting the globalists and the Great Reset are members of an endangered species. It is sadly inevitable that we will be criticised by bots owned and manipulated by the conspirators and by self-serving idiots who have their own private agendas to promote. The down-thumbs on our videos etc. are the finger marks of the enemy.
  11. In the UK, the tax programme of the Conservative Party now seems indistinguishable from the one which would have been introduced if Jeremy Corbyn had become Prime Minister. (Check it out if you don’t believe me.)
  12. People have been told to seal their homes in the case of nuclear war. Hmm. If they do it effectively they will die slowly of carbon dioxide poisoning. Great plan.
  13. There is a plan to vaccinate the world’s chickens. Won’t happen. They’ll just kill them all – cheaper, easier and more likely to cause hunger. And remember eggs may provide protection against viruses.
  14. If the Met Office in London knew what the weather was going to be like tomorrow, I would be more prepared to believe they know what the weather will be like in 50 years’ time.
  15. Wikipedia is a fake encyclopaedia. It seems to me that it is written by tens of thousands of liars, edited by tens of thousands of crooks and read by dozens of fools. Let’s hope it dies soon.
  16. Is the British Medical Association (the doctors’ trade union in the UK) the world’s most evil organisation? The BMA has now been accused of trying to close hospitals and cause more deaths when junior doctors start their strikes. The BMA has told doctors NOT to tell their hospitals whether they intend to go on strike. So hospitals cannot make plans. And far more people will die. The junior doctors were previously said to be demanding a 26% pay rise but this appears to have risen to 35%. They’ll probably accept 3.5% so why destroy their reputations?
  17. Matt Hancock reminds me of Ida Amin. Amin was easy to mock. So is Hancock. It’s easy to dismiss such people. But both have something else in common. Now, what could it be? Oh, yes, lots of people died when they were in power.
  18. I am constantly reading that Alzheimer’s disease is now the commonest cause of death. This is not true. Alzheimer’s rarely kills people. What kills people with Alzheimer’s are the twin shots of midazolam and morphine. Most causes of dementia can be treated. Read my book The Dementia Myth to find out how.
  19. Looking back over the last three years I reckon the only significant error I’ve made in that time was that my forecast of rising food prices and associated food shortages was issued a little early. I wasn’t wrong – just a bit early.
  20. The people worrying about sewage and other pollutants in rivers might like to remember that much drinking water is taken from rivers. And the sewage is the least of your problems if you drink tap water. Take a look at my book Superbody if you want to know more.
  21. I see that GB News TV station is reported in The Times to have had an average monthly reach of 2.3 million. And the station seems to have made rather a large loss.

If you want to know the truth about what is happening to the world please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman. Endgame explains what has happened, why it has happened and what is going to happen next. You can buy Endgame via the bookshop on this website.