Insanity and Hypocrisy are now Endemic

Here are 21 examples of insanity, hypocrisy and behaviour which I regard as ignorant but malignant.

  1. Thanks to remarkable incompetence, the UK doesn’t produce much electricity of its own. Governments have repeatedly forgotten to build any new power stations, and solar panels and wind turbines only produce 5% of our requirements even when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. So, since we aren’t allowed to use coal anymore, because it’s black, we get our electricity from France. Unfortunately, France doesn’t have much electricity of its own because their nuclear power stations have either broken down or need a wash and brush up. So France is getting its electricity from Italy which hasn’t got anywhere enough of the stuff so they get theirs from Belgium which has been getting electricity from Norway. No one has any idea where Norway has been getting all its spare electricity but everyone is sure it has nothing to do with Russia. So, there we are.
  2. Scientists are digging viruses out of glaciers and warming them up to see how dangerous they are and how many people will die if they let one out of the laboratory by mistake. Not that such a thing would ever happen, of course. I nearly wrote that this as the most stupid thing I’d ever heard of and then remembered those insane experiments linked to Bill Gates which involved genetically engineering mosquitoes and the Gates project to sprinkle power into the sky to keep the sun out. And then I remembered the covid-19 jab and suddenly I couldn’t decide what I mean by ‘stupid’ any more.
  3. Commercial airline engines powered by hydrogen are being developed so that 45,000 climate change obsessives can travel to their regular shindigs by air without feeling embarrassed. Unfortunately, the manufacture of hydrogen requires massive amounts of electricity which can only be made using coal, gas or diesel. Still, if it makes them feel good about themselves. Have you noticed by the way that feminists never complain about climate change being described as man-made. They never insist that it’s called woman-made. Curious.
  4. Sadiq Khan seems to be waging a crazy war on poorer motorists in London. Khan has been mayor of an unfortunate London for six years and during that time he and his team have accumulated 360,000 air miles between them; and yet Khan’s latest hate war on motorists will cost tradesmen and those trying to get to work over £3,000 a year. The royals aren’t the only ones deserving of awards for hypocrisy.
  5. Matt Hancock, the former Minister of Death, thinks he is a media superstar, and several million people now think he should be leader of the known world. I think he should be in Dartmoor, preparing for a long stretch inside and desperately learning to pick up the soap with his toes. Hancock could, I suppose, argue that he was only doing what he was told to do when he was a public servant and Minister in charge of Genocide but he should have found the courage to ask what was going on and why. That’s what Ministers are for. Hancock is doubtless hoping that he has expunged the memory of his tawdry lockdown breaking by allowing a frog to sit on his head but I don’t give a damn about him breaking the stupid lockdown rules (which he must have known were merely to force people to be compliant). I do, however, care about the thousands of old people who died as a result of utterly indefensible policies for which he was responsible.
  6. The EU is still doing its best to destroy the world and prove itself full of lunatics. I suspect that the price cap the EU has introduced on Russian oil (and the associated rules on the insurance of tankers) is almost certainly going to push the price of oil still higher. And the EU has introduced a law preventing the import of goods linked to deforestation which I find rather strangely amusing. They’ll ban the import of things like chocolate, leather, soy and palm oil (all of which are, as we know, grown on trees) but they don’t seem to have noticed that a huge chunk of our electricity is obtained by burning North American wood pellets brought across the Atlantic in huge ships. The EU has obviously decided that wood pellets have got nothing to do with trees so they’re OK. The EU’s new rules will produce a good deal of extra paperwork for countries and companies everywhere. I wonder where all the extra paper will come from. My guess is that the EU’s rules will actually increase the number of trees which have to be chopped down.
  7. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram (Meta) has been fined 265 million euros (whatever that is in real money) for mishandling user data. EU regulators have so far fined Facebook nearly 1 billion euros. Anyone who still has a Facebook account and intends to keep it must be barking. Oh, and by the way, deleting material on Facebook doesn’t do anything. They still keep your data forever. And it’s their copyright by the way, not yours. I am so glad I am banned from everything.
  8. We all know the BBC is as dirty and as bent as a rusty paperclip, so why do people still give it money? The quicker the BBC dies and its 22,000 treacherous and painfully ignorant employees are re-employed in the fruit picking business, the sooner we will all rediscover democracy and freedom. I suspect that BBC employees are the sort of sad, malignant souls who use and trust Trip Advisor. Half of them are trainspotter types (anoraks and a flask of milky coffee) and the other half are nothing more than rabid hoodies who leave work and spend their evenings sniffing glue in bus shelters.
  9. Two million children never went back to school after the lockdowns. That’s a quarter of the British school population. In ten years’ time anyone who can read or write will be able to open up a business reading and writing for the illiterate and innumerate.
  10. TV stations constantly insist on trying to please crazed feminists by putting women into historical dramas where they weren’t. A new TV series about Kim Philby, the double agent, apparently contains an integral female character who never existed. I believe that historical dramas which aren’t accurate are dangerous and a betrayal of the truth. I’m thinking of writing a TV series about the history of British television in which all the characters are raging communists. No, on second thoughts that would be too close to the truth.
  11. There was a headline in the Daily Telegraph the other day which read: ‘Britain is sleepwalking into censorship and we’re running out of time to stop it’. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The whole of the mainstream media is crooked and heavily censored. Editors and journalists have suppressed the truth and demonised truth tellers with a savage disregard for honesty and integrity. The worst offender is doubtless the BBC which suppresses doctors who dare to tell the truth about vaccines. (They ban anyone, including doctors, who questions vaccination.) But newspapers aren’t any better.
  12. When I was younger, women used to go back to work a day or two after having a baby. One editor I knew had her baby in the morning and returned to work in the afternoon. These days mothers have a year off every time they have a baby. And the fathers have a year off too. For all I know the neighbours have a year off and maybe granny and granddad have a year off as well. I’m surprised the whole nation doesn’t take a day off every time a woman has a baby.
  13. Sportsmen are dying young a lot these days. Australian star cricketers Warne, Marsh, Jones and Symonds all died young. And other Test cricketers from the same era have had heart attacks. What could be the cause, I wonder. It’s obviously not the covid-19 jab because governments everywhere tell us it couldn’t possibly be. Maybe the cricketers are all wearing shoes that are too tight. Maybe their statistics were inadequate. Or maybe, as I suggested earlier in the year, they all ate too many marmalade sandwiches.
  14. How deep in with the conspirators are the royals? Meghan and Mr Meghan, the shyest people in the world, seemed to me to be simply leading the move towards entitlement and racism super awareness. But maybe they’re part of the conspiracy. Is it possible that the royals are intelligent enough to know exactly what they are doing?
  15. Monkeypox has been renamed mpox (which no one knows how to pronounce). I can only assume this is because a monkey complained that the original name was speciesist – which indeed it was.
  16. The Dutch Government is buying and closing down 3,000 farms to comply with stupid EU rules. This will, of course, help make food scarcer and more expensive. Anyone who supports or defends the EU is clearly homicidal or completely without any functioning brain tissue.
  17. I’m delighted to see that Chinese demonstrators are making their views known by holding up blank pieces of paper to show that they are being censored. Feeble minded mainstream journalists are using the ‘blank paper’ trick as evidence that the Chinese are suppressing the truth. Well, I used the ‘blank paper’ trick in the summer of 2020 to try to keep my videos on YouTube. But the world’s most oppressive channel still deleted all my videos and banned me for life. (I’m even banned from looking at videos on YouTube.)
  18. The German Euthanasia Association has decreed that it will only help people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from covid-19. That must surely be one of the indefensibly stupid decisions ever made by any association in the history of mankind. ‘We won’t kill you unless you have been jabbed with the toxic covid-19 jab that doesn’t stop you getting covid and doesn’t stop you spreading it.’ Insanity is everywhere these days.
  19. Oxfordshire Council is allegedly planning to introduce its own lockdowns in 2024. Road blocks will confine residents to their own neighbourhoods. Residents will be required to register their car with the County Council which will use number plate recognition cameras to see how many times a car leaves their lockdown area. Residents who want to leave their ‘prison’ will need to obtain permission from the council – but they can only leave their `prison’ for two days a week. The new scheme will apparently go ahead whether people like it or not. I’m not sure whether that’s communism or fascism or both.
  20. Anyone who thinks the unseasonably cold weather hitting northern Europe is ‘just one of those things’ hasn’t been paying attention. They’ve deliberately pushed up energy prices and now, for the kill, they’ve made the weather horribly cold. I reckon at least 100,000 elderly Britons will die before April 2023. (And that estimate is based on real statistics and experience not on mathematical modelling.) The interesting thing is that although the weather experts are saying that night time temperatures could go as low as minus six degrees centigrade, the UK Health Security Agency predicts that temperatures could go down to minus ten degrees centigrade. Why has the UK Health Security Agency got into weather forecasting? Wouldn’t it be better occupied trying to be more accurate and efficient at its day job?

If you want to know what’s going on (and where this is all heading) please read Social Credit: Nightmare on your street by Vernon Coleman. It is available via the bookshop on this website.