How the Media Distorts the Truth about Covid

Yahoo carried this headline relating to an article in ‘People’ magazine: ‘Man dies after his family can’t find a hospital bed – they blame unvaccinated covid patients’.

But anyone who bothers to read down to the 9th paragraph in the story below the headline finds this quote from the son of the dead man: ‘Who was in those beds? If it's people who are unvaccinated with covid then that’s the part where it really hurts’.

‘If’, he said.

But the ‘if’ part of the quote was omitted because without it the quote could be turned into propaganda.

If the thousands of well-paid fact checkers monitoring online stories were truly independent and gave a damn about the truth they’d leap on that.

But they don’t and they won’t.

Still, share this story around as much as you can.

It is a perfect example of how news is turned into propaganda.

Vernon Coleman’s first book about the covid hoax is still available. The Coming Apocalypse was published in April 2020 – and was the first book in the world to be published about the hoax. It is available as a paperback and an eBook.