Is the General Medical Council just an Enforcer for the Drug Industry?

Throughout the fake pandemic the General Medical Council (a charity which is responsible for regulating doctors in the UK) has disciplined doctors who have disagreed with the lies told by the Government and the medical establishment.

Doctors who have spoken out in public and who have criticised the covid-19 jabs or who questioned the absurd and now proven to be inaccurate claim that covid-19 was the cause of a serious pandemic, have had their licences removed as a punishment and as a deterrent to others who might dare speak out.

Now, however, it seems to me that the General Medical Council has itself been behaving quite improperly. Its disciplinary actions must surely now come into question.

The General Medical Council (in my view one of two big enemies of patients in the UK – the other is the British Medical Association) has invested nearly £1,000,000 in fast food and drink firms and, worse still, has invested large amounts of money from doctors’ fees in seven drug companies.

How can the GMC judge doctors’ behaviour in relation to covid and covid jabs when it has a vested interest in the financial success of vaccine manufacturers such as Astra Zeneca?

It seems to me that it cannot. Any doctors who have lost their licences for criticising the fake pandemic and the toxic covid jab should surely be reinstated immediately since the GMC is clearly `contaminated’.

It could surely be argued that the GMC, which has big investments in vaccine manufacturers, has a vested interest in protecting those companies and should not, therefore, discipline doctors whose actions might have damaged the earning potential of the companies in which it has invested its own money.

That would surely be similar to a judge punishing someone for criticising a product in which he himself has a financial interest. It seems to me that should be regarded as improper conduct. Indeed, I would argue that the GMC, and its vast army of overpaid, arrogant bureaucrats has abandoned its role as a guardian of the public and become an enforcer for the pharmaceutical industry.

Vernon Coleman’s book Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer contains a chapter about the General Medical Council entitled ‘The General Medical Council is worse than useless’. The book also contains a good deal more about doctors, nurses and the failures of health care. It contains why state run health care is a disaster and kills more people than it saves. The book is available via the bookshop on this website.

Vernon Coleman is a qualified medical doctor. He was registered and licensed with the GMC and registered as a GP principal. GMC rules meant that he had to relinquish his licence to practice when retired. The absurd, unpopular and bureaucratic revalidation scheme now used by the GMC means that many fully retired doctors have to give up their licences and are lost to medical practice forever.