The End of the Internet is Approaching Fast

Back on 30th June, I recorded a video entitled When Will They Shut down the Internet?

I pointed out that although the conspirators who have taken over the world have bought control of the mainstream media and much of the internet they have not yet succeeded in taking complete control of the internet.

I pointed out the importance of the, and

The fact is that YouTube, Google and Wikipedia are controlled by the ‘bad’ guys as are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

None of those sites will allow the publication of opinions questioning the official line on covid-19. Videos and articles which offer facts are removed.

My Wikipedia page was changed dramatically in March 2020. My true history was replaced with lies and nonsense. Google adopted the lies. I became a discredited and dangerous conspiracy theorist simply for telling the truth.

I recorded around 150 videos for YouTube and nearly half have been banned. Last week YouTube removed 15 videos that were recorded before July 2020. I’m banned again from recording anything for YouTube.

I was banned from joining Facebook because I was considered a threat to their community. The same thing happened with Twitter. And Linkedin removed me from their site without explaining why (although I had just pointed out that Bill Gates’s company Microsoft owns Linkedin.)

Numerous internet publishers banned my books.

I suspect that many people thought I was exaggerating.

Well, two things happened recently which have increased my fears.

First, cloud operators are talking of removing material they don’t like.

Second, a website questioning the value and safety of vaccines was removed. The holders lost their domain name.

We’re now all vulnerable.

The rules have clearly changed yet again.

If you haven’t already done so please take a look at, and

If things continue as they seem to be doing you won’t be able to look at them for too much longer.

There are four free books available as PDFs which can be downloaded here