Drug Companies – Just a bit crooked or thoroughly evil?

I suspect that some people think I am hard on the drug companies. It is widely believed that although they sometimes make mistakes, the pharmaceutical giants do the best they can and have our interests at heart.

The truth is, however, that the big global pharmaceutical companies are the most evil organisations on earth. They are ruthlessly, relentlessly greedy, uncaring and lethal. Their only concern is making money. They have absolutely no interest in saving lives or restoring the sick to good health.

And why should they?

The drug companies aren’t people. They exist for one purpose only: to make money for the executives and the shareholders. Companies have no morals. They don’t think or behave like people. Over the last two and a half years I have repeatedly shown how big drug companies such as GKN, Pfizer and so on are among the most fraudulent and dishonest companies on earth. I’ve named names and given details of the fines they’ve had to pay many times. If I’d got anything wrong I’d have had been smothered with writs.

If a drug company found a single dose drug that prevented heart disease or cancer I believe that they would suppress it. I firmly believe that a good many valuable drugs are hidden because their use would interfere with drug company profits. There is, for example, a very simple, cheap medicine – available without a prescription – which has been shown to help prevent cancer and may help prevent heart disease in some patients. (I’ll tell you about it in an article which I’ll publish shortly. I’ll give you the name and describe the unassailable evidence and explain why I take it daily.)

‘Ah,’ you might say, `but the drug companies are run by people. Surely some of those people are decent and moral?’

In my view, you’d be wrong, I’m afraid.

Drug companies aren’t really run by people.

Drug companies exist to make profits and the people who work there are driven to keep the company profitable. Ordinary moral values disappear – submerged under the company’s constant drive to keep profits high.

I’ve been exposing and fighting drug companies for well over 50 years – probably longer than anyone else alive – and the dishonesties we’ve experienced since the spring of 2020 are not unusual.

I’ve seen good people destroyed by the drug companies. I myself have been threatened, attacked and lied about. I’ve had papers stolen, I’ve lost freelance writing jobs because of drug companies. I’ve been followed by private detectives. I sat in a room and listened when a drug company executive told a magazine publisher that if he would sack me then his company would buy advertising – but only if I were sacked. I’ve been hired to lecture to NHS doctors and nurses and then been fired because a drug company objected. Read my article entitled `A Drug Company, the EU and a Hero’ on this website.

In the 1970s, I wrote a book called The Medicine Men – a powerful attack on the drug industry and the medical establishment. My argument was that since the medical profession does what it is told to do by the drug companies it can hardly describe itself as a profession. The book is out of print now but it was the first time anyone had written a book attacking doctors and drug companies and it caused a furore.

So you can imagine my surprise when a drug company employee came into my consulting room one day and told me that his company wanted to pay me to go on a nationwide tour to promote my book. They would pay travel and hotel expenses and fix up lecture halls and meetings with doctors and the public.

Shocked, I said no thank you and the drug company guy went away.

I then sat and tried to work out what was going on.

Why would a drug company want to help me promote a book attacking the drug industry?

The answer was simple, of course. They wanted to buy me. They knew that the book would have a life of no more than two years – the hard back and the paperback – but that if I took their money they would own me.

The drug companies do it with charities all the time – especially charities which deal with medical conditions.

A drug company will go to a small, struggling charity and offer to give £500 to buy a piece of equipment. Or they’ll offer volunteer workers generous expenses to go to a conference. It happens all the time. And there will be more money in the future.

And then in six months’ time the drug company representative will say: ‘We’ve got a new drug coming out next month, it will help everyone suffering from the condition represented by your charity. Would you let us pay you to put one of our advice leaflets in with your next mailing? It will help your members enormously. And we’ll pay for the printing.

And then, a few months later, we think your charity really needs a proper building so we’d be thrilled if you’d let us give you some money to rent a nice office.


They’re off and running.

Within a year or two the charity will be owned by the drug company. Many of the biggest charities have very close links with drug companies – so close that the charities are effectively little more than marketing bodies for the drug company.

I fear it’ll happen within our resistance movement.

Organising a conference or symposium costs a good deal of money. There are drug companies which would love to help with the expenses of organising a meeting.

‘Let us help you,’ they’ll say. ‘We’re really on your side.’

And then, a little later: ‘Would you help us promote our alternative remedy? It’s much safer than the stuff the big companies are selling. We’ll be delighted to help you with your expenses.’

Most people, especially those who haven’t seen the drug companies in action, have no idea how powerful, how corrupt and how evil the drug companies really are.

The drug companies will always buy their way into any pressure group which exists and which they consider to be a threat. They play the long game. And they are the vanguard of the controlled opposition which supports the conspirators so diligently.

So be aware and be vigilant.

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