Dr Zac Cox 13: Conspirators 1

Thanks to Joe Biden of the US and the rabid crooks at the WHO, we are months away from a World Government.

The WHO (surely the most evil organisation the world has seen since SMERSH) has created chaos for years and, thanks to help from Bill Gates (financial partner of the BBC, a narrowcaster and propaganda unit for the conspirators, and a pal of Jeffrey Epstein) will soon be now responsible for more deaths than tobacco.

It should be re-named the World Death Organisation.

The WHO is currently trying to change the International Health Regulations to give it the power to turn us all into slaves.

If the so-called Pandemic Treaty is voted through (and at the moment it’s a racing certainty it will be) then we’ll be on our way to serfdom.

We have to fight tooth and nail to stop this evil plan.

And ideally we need to force our governments to leave the WHO.

Meanwhile, in Britain we have a hero in our war against the conspirators.

A David with a slingshot standing against the conspirators who are armed with a shelf full of laws and a trillion vaccine filled syringes.

Biden, a ventriloquist’s dummy operated by a team of conspirators, has put forward 13 amendments designed to hand over every nation’s sovereignty to the mask pushing, lockdown loving, jab happy bureaucrats at the WHO.

And Britain was about to agree to them all.

But last week Dr Zac Cox of the World Doctors Alliance, and an unnamed barrister, fought Goliath.

And got the UK Government to abandon 12 of the amendments.

We still have much to do.

But Zac’s win gives us all hope. When the history of this crime is told, Zac will be one of our heroes.

To watch Dr Zac Cox’s video explaining what happened click here.

There’s still much to do and the WHO’s plans are dangerous.

But we’re not alone – with God’s help we can win this war!