Dirty Big Secrets

  1. A couple of decades ago, the British Government (a Labour Government) wanted to knock down all Victorian houses because they didn’t match up to EU building standards. (They didn’t care that houses built to EU standards are likely to fall down in 10 years whereas Victorian houses are still standing 100 years later.) The EU, which already has an insane draft law ruling that all new structures built from 2030 must be zero emission, also has a draft law which is intended to ‘decarbonise’ all buildings by 2050. What this means, in English, is that existing buildings which need renovation or repair work will have to be converted into zero emission buildings. The end result will almost certainly be that good, solid, decent houses and public buildings will be knocked down and replaced with crappy, cardboard thin EU approved buildings which will fall down in a stiffish breeze. We can look forward to comments such as: ‘My husband sneezed and blew down our dining room.’ And ‘I put up a picture and knocked down a row of houses.’
  2. If you want to know more about the links between the Nazis and the EU please read my book The Shocking History of the EU. You will be shocked. Not even the most rabid Remainer (EU enthusiast) will support the EU after reading it.
  3. Coincidentally, as relations between the US and China are becoming close to freezing, the FBI Chief in the US has suggested that covid-19 is most likely to have come from a Chinese government controlled lab. Bollocks. Why would anyone believe the FBI? Covid-19 was nothing more nor less than a rebranded version of the ordinary flu. I proved this in a video entitled ‘Final, Irrefutable Proof that Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed’. That video first appeared on 19th April 2021. (Please find and share it if you can.)
  4. My favourite ‘joke’ of last week came from Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia who was quoted as saying: ‘Wikipedia is not woke. It respects free speech’. I really don’t care whether it is woke or not but the one certainty is that Wikipedia does not respect free speech. It does, on the other hand, respect paid for speech. It is possible to find an editor to alter a Wikipedia page if you give them money. (Of course, some pages are locked and cannot be changed. Several kind readers who tried to correct my page and return it to its pre-covid state found that it was `sealed’ and could only be edited by authorised unnamed individuals. Who orders them to be ‘locked’? Well I’d guess the CIA is more likely than our nearest fish and chip shop owner.)
  5. The war in favour of cyclists started by targeting motorists who have to leave five feet of space when overtaking cyclists. On several occasions when I have done this I’ve had my offside wheels on the grass, or the side of my car scratching along in the hedge. The alternative is to drive for an hour at 7 mph behind a cyclist – with the car using up excessive amounts of fuel and damaging the planet. Now the war has moved on to pedestrians. A partially sighted and disabled woman (described as ‘childlike’) who was involved in what appeared to me to be a tragic accident has been convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for three years after she shouted and waved at a cyclist to get off the pavement. There always has to be someone at fault, doesn’t there? Sending this woman to prison seems to me more like senseless vengeance than justice. Although there was allegedly enough room for them both, the unfortunate cyclist stumbled into the road and was run over and killed. So, shouting at a cyclist can now get you three years in prison. Problems like this are going to happen in other areas of the land because councils, under pressure to provide cycle lanes, will doubtless make cyclists and pedestrians share the same narrow pathways. Cyclists can do no wrong and must be allowed to ride their machines wherever the fancy takes them. If a cyclist comes into your house and wants to ride up and down your living room, you must allow them to do this.
  6. It now appears that scientists involved in the fake pandemic talked about ordering all 11 million cats in the UK to be killed. A quick survey suggests that the result would be that no cats would be found and a fifth of the UK population would become criminals. The rats would have a field day. Isn’t that how the Great Plague started? (For the record, I doubt if the cat killing scenario is over. I will not be surprised if a cull of pet animals is ordered soon – on the grounds that they may carry diseases.)
  7. ‘The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,’ said Henry David Thoreau. How true today is that.
  8. Officials in the US have ordered citizens not to allow water to go up their noses while swimming. If they have advice on the best way to do this (other than stapling the nostrils together) I would be delighted to hear from them.
  9. Michael Vaughan, a former England cricket captain who was accused of making a racist remark in 2009 (which he denies) has apparently been criticised for tweeting (in 2010): ‘Not many English people live in London… I need to learn a new language’. I wonder how many people have NOT said something like that in the last two decade. The last time I was in London I had been there for five or six hours before I spoke to someone who spoke intelligible English. That isn’t a racist remark, it’s a statement of fact.
  10. It is entirely possible that more Christian churches in England have been deconsecrated than are still in use. And that is a trend that is accelerating. Churches, like banks, are being converted into offices and flats.
  11. Britain’s data protection regulator is investigating whether YouTube is illegally collecting information from millions of children. It has been alleged that YouTube is breaching the UK’s Children’s Code and the Information Commission’s Office is said to be planning to consider the complaint carefully. Let’s hope the entire staff of YouTube is arrested.
  12. The one conclusion from the Hancock What’s App debacle is that all those involved (politicians, legions of civil servants and armies of advisors and committee members) seem to have been even more incompetent, arrogant and self-serving than one would have thought possible. The aim of the global plan (and there was one) was, of course, to kill as many people as possible, to destroy everything (health care and economies) and to build fear and compliance. The official advice in the UK (and elsewhere) was designed by evil strategists and managed by moronic tacticians. The events of 2020 and 2021 and 2022 were built on shocking ignorance, deliberate blindness to the truth and expediency, with science playing an insignificant part throughout. The idea that these criminals, liars and fools are now pretending to manage World War III is truly terrifying for they will lead us into nuclear war (as the evil globalists want them to do) without understanding or caring.

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