Demonising the Elderly

Yahoo! News had a headline ‘Four in 10 older drivers involved in crashes failed to look properly – study’.

But what seemed to me to be a more important part of the survey they quoted showed that whereas 17% of crashes were caused (in part at least) by drivers travelling recklessly or in a hurry only 10.2% of those crashes involved ‘older’ drivers.

So, if you look at this part of the survey, the results suggest that older drivers are less reckless.

And that seems to fit with the attitude of insurance companies which, let us remember, charge older drivers lower premiums than younger premiums. So, was that Yahoo headline just another piece of propaganda designed to demonise and marginalise the elderly?

It seems to me that this Yahoo! headline is part of the demonization of the elderly.

New laws will doubtless soon be introduced banning the elderly from driving at all.

And since many rural areas have little or no bus service, the result will be isolation.

And the elderly will be forced to move into tiny, squalid flats in high rise blocks where, of course, they will continue to be isolated and lonely.

That will be another resounding win for the conspirators and the Great Reset.

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