Deadly Covid Jab will kill more than will die in the Ukraine

There is now no doubt the covid jab is a killer, fake vaccine – useless but far more dangerous than depleted uranium shells or cluster bombs. Like bombs, rockets and bullets its only conceivable purpose is to kill people.

The evidence showing that the over-promoted, over-sold covid-19 jab is the most dangerous pharmaceutical product ever used is denied only by fools or shills for the conspirators and the drug industry. I have repeatedly warned that the covid jab can and does cause or exacerbate a huge range of serious health problems – including heart disease, clotting problems and cancer. And as I warned two and a half years ago the immune system problems caused by the ‘vaccine’ are deadly.

The evidence suggesting that the covid vaccine is toxic is overwhelming and should be banned is constantly growing. Any other product known to cause such severe problems would have been taken off the market a long time ago.

A review of 325 autopsies on patients who died after covid vaccination showed that 74% of the deaths were caused by the covid vaccine.

The nine eminent authors of the paper found that the organ systems most likely to be involved in covid jab deaths were: cardiovascular system, haematological system and respiratory system. The mean time between vaccination to death was 14.3 days. A total of 240 deaths out of the 325 deaths were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by covid-19 vaccinations.’

The nine authors concluded: ‘The consistency seen among cases in this review with known covid-19 vaccine adverse effects, their mechanisms and related excess deaths, coupled with autopsy confirmation and physician-led death adjudication, suggests there is a high likelihood of causal link between covid-19 vaccines and death in most cases. Further urgent investigation is required for the purpose of clarifying our findings.’

Then there was the paper which appeared in the British Journal of General Practice recently which showed that ‘enlargement of axillary, supraclavicular or cervical lymph nodes following vaccination with covid-19 mRNA vaccines is more frequent than initially reported, with a rate reaching up to 16% following the second dose of the Moderna mRNA vaccine.’ The paper also reported that a few cases of lymphoma were reported in the literature.

The authors warned that doctors in charge of patients with post-vaccination lymphadenopathy should be reminded to consider the possibility of an underlying or coincidental malignant disorder.

The truth, of course, is that there aren’t enough doctors around to check fully 16% of all the patients who have a second dose of that vaccine.

The covid jab is causing one problem after another. And the problems are ignored or suppressed by the medical establishment.

Earlier this month I showed that the covid-19 jab was responsible for a surge in type 1 diabetes among children and teenagers.

A survey of 38,000 young people (reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association) showed that the rise is substantial.

Over two years ago, I warned that this would happen. I warned that the covid-19 jab would push up blood sugar levels.

The epidemic of type 1 diabetes is caused by the covid-19 vaccine.

And the drug companies will now get ever richer selling treatments for diseases the drug companies caused.

Everywhere you look there is evidence proving that the covid jab was a killer. In less than two and a half years nearly 2,000 healthy athletes have had heart attacks or sudden serious health problems – with over 1,300 of them dying.

And yet the medical establishment, bought with drug company money, still refuses even to contemplate the idea that the deaths may be caused by their beloved vaccine. They daren’t admit that the medical profession is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths because they’re terrified of the inevitable lawsuits not to mention the professional embarrassment.

Doctors who gave the covid jab without properly assessing the dangers are going to be on the wrong end of the world’s most expensive class action lawsuit.

But the vaccines have not been withdrawn. No one in the drug companies or the medical establishment is issuing grovelling apologies.

Instead, as has happened for over three years now, the doctors who are exposing the dangers of the covid-19 jab are being harassed, banned and censored.

Any doctor who still gives the covid-jab is a dangerous fool who should be struck off the medical register for life and arrested immediately for attempted murder.

NOTE to Fact checkers and the BBC: If you disagree with this article please have the guts to debate with me in public live on network television. You will be humiliated but at least you’ll have shown a little courage. So-called fact checkers (mostly without any qualifications) have repeatedly tried and failed to disprove evidence detailing the problems with the covid jab. For example, when it was accurately reported that Amish individuals who didn’t have the vaccine were healthier than people who did, one fact checker I saw dismissed this by reporting that 7 individuals out 36,955 had tested positive for covid-19. Not that they were ill – just that they tested positive. That’s such a small percentage that it is statistically irrelevant. The checkers also ignored the fact that a positive test for covid is utterly meaningless.

For advice on staying alive please read Coleman’s Laws: The Twelve Medical Truths You Must Know to Survive by Vernon Coleman.