Crooks, Murderers and Idiots

  1. Old people everywhere are treading very carefully these days. The elderly are especially vulnerable (because bones tend to break more easily) but they know the NHS has betrayed the public and will no longer help them if they fall and break a leg or hip. It’s like living in the Middle Ages.
  2. The UK Government has decided that log fires are bad for us. No, actually, log fires are bad for THEM. The conspirators don’t like log fires because they provide a little independence from the bastards who have deliberately raised energy prices. And what a coincidence it is that energy prices are higher than ever just as we enter the coldest and most unusual winter since records began.
  3. The idiot Kwarteng says he ‘got carried away’ with his budget. I haven’t seen any apologies but millions of people’s pensions were wrecked by Kwarteng’s stupidity. Thousands don’t know yet that half of their pension savings have disappeared. For example, D.S.Smith, the packaging company has been forced to lend its pension scheme up to £100 million as a result of the chaos. Kwarteng will not, of course, be punished for his arrogance and stupidity. Instead, he’ll doubtless make a mint out of speeches, books and high paying banking jobs.
  4. Someone we know found the world unbearable and tried to commit suicide. A relative found him unconscious and called an ambulance. Eight hours later the ambulance arrived. As I said a little earlier, it’s like living in the Middle Ages.
  5. The Home Office has announced that men who whistle at women will go to prison for two years. Before micro-aggression reared its ugly head some women quite liked wolf whistles. The police hardly ever catch criminals as things are. Now that they will spend their days chasing men who have whistled at women we can be pretty sure that no murderers, rapists or burglars will be caught. Is that really what the feminists really wanted? I suppose it must be.
  6. The British people elected what they thought was a conservative government but they now have a communist government – Sunak is leading the most left wing government Britain has ever had.
  7. The Liberal Democrats in the UK are promoting a policy that will ensure that patients see their GP within 24 hours if they are in urgent need. This is a truly stupid policy. First, it means that patients who fall ill on Saturday morning will not be seen for at least 48 hours. Second, patients who are in urgent need should to be seen within ten minutes not 24 hours.
  8. The NHS strikes will result in many people dying. If people take action which they know will result in people dying they are guilty of murder and should so be charged. Union bosses advocating NHS strikes should be arrested immediately before it’s too late. Why aren’t they charged with threatening behaviour?
  9. Is Prime Minister Sunak (nee Schwab) as thick as a brick or as bent as a corkscrew? When a well-informed MP called Andrew Bridgen asked for the Prime Minister’s comment on the deaths and adverse reactions caused by mRNA vaccination (pointing out that there had been more of both in the last 18 months than there had been from all conventional vaccines administered worldwide in the last 50 years) Sunak (an ex Goldman Sachs banker and the man with a sickly Beckham grin) replied: ‘covid vaccines are safe and effective’. Unbelievable. It used to be some sort of crime to lie to the Commons. Incidentally, I have an awful suspicion that when Sunak wears a bow tie (as at official functions) he wears one of those awful, ready made things. No gentleman would ever do such a thing.
  10. I thought there was an egg shortage in Britain but it seems that Charles, His Royal Hypocrite, can’t go out in public without having a close encounter with a well-aimed egg. Charlie will soon need Blair like protection every time he ventures out from one of his palaces. Either that or he should start wearing yellow.
  11. Supermarket staff now get upset with customers who want to use the tills. Don’t they realise that automatic tills will put most of them out of jobs? Staff everywhere are the same. Librarians welcome computers that do their jobs. Bank tellers push everyone towards the ATMs (while they stand around and do nothing). And a year or two ago I remember bookshop staff trying to sell kindle eBook readers to their customers. These idiots are all heading for the unemployment queue.
  12. The NHS is now offering a health check on computer. When I first introduced computerised health checks (for the Sinclair computer in 1984) the information that patients keyed in remained private. Today, the information which is put into the computer will remain online for anyone to access.
  13. As I predicted in my book Endgame, Christmas is a feeble experience this year. Very few shops are decorated. I haven’t heard a carol being played (except in our house). Churches have made no effort whatsoever with cribs or trees. The only decorations have nothing to do with Christmas and are decorated with unicorns so as not to offend the easily offended. There are no Father Christmases in shops (probably because no one can find any old men brave enough to smile at small children they’ve never met before). And the few Christmas lights around are feeble. They blame the economy and the price of electricity. But it’s nothing to do with either. Christmas is disappearing – just as Christianity is going to disappear.
  14. The poor suckers who bought electric cars because they were cheaper to run have been well and truly caught out. Electricity prices are sky high. Electric cars will be liable for road tax. And when the batteries run out (in a few years’ time) the cars will be worse than worthless. Owners will have to pay to have the worthless hulks taken away. And who will get rid of all the dead batteries?
  15. It is tempting to dismiss the woke as slightly pathetic figures, millennial snowflakes preening with self-importance, soaked in ignorance and steeped in hypocrisy but of no great lasting significance. That’s a mistake. They are dangerous. Skilled in the modern art of harvesting micro-aggression and ceaselessly determined in their constant search for new ways to manufacture racist incidents and then weaponise invariably trivial incidents they are creating rifts, hatred and suspicion where these did not exist. The woke are the most dangerous and evil of the collaborators; handmaidens to the conspirators. And the worst of the woke are those under 60-years-old who are still wearing masks and practising the social distancing side step.
  16. The cities driving global growth now include Bucharest, Bogor, Lagos and Sau Paulo. Formerly important cities such as London, Paris and New York have nothing to offer except pollution, traffic jams and bankruptcy. And for that we can, and should, blame city mayors. If your local chip shop were run as badly as any of those three cities it would have closed months ago. Or is it all deliberate?
  17. I read in Country Life magazine that ‘A colony of 13 water voles had to be moved from their freshwater pond on Northey Island in Essex due to rising water levels caused by climate change.’ Prithee, how do they know the rising water level was caused by climate change? These days, cultists are blaming everything on climate change. And have you noticed that all the alleged discussions about climate change (whether on television or at conferences) are conducted without anyone there being prepared (or allowed) to point out that climate change is a fraud?
  18. City centre stores are being converted into flats or hotels. Museums will go next. But who is going to want to stay or live in a gloomy, dead city centre when there is no reason to be there?
  19. The top 5% of the UK’s earners pay half of the tax paid in the UK. The top 1% of earners pay 30% of the tax paid. And the UK’s top earners are leaving the country in droves. Does no one in government see this as a problem?
  20. You may have noticed that an American citizen charged with a driving offence avoided appearing in a British court. She stayed in America and appeared in court from her computer. Not surprisingly, she was given a suspended sentence. This contrasts sharply with the experiences of British citizens who are extradited to the United States with great ease. The reason for this can be traced back the days when the disastrous Blunkett was Home Secretary. Blunkett (a staunch Labour figure who like so many others later became a Lord, complete with the ermine robes and possibly a little crown as well) signed a bit of paper entitling the Americans to drag Britons across the Atlantic but forgot to make sure that the Americans signed a bit of paper entitling British courts to drag Americans the other way.
  21. The BBC website seems to hate publishing pictures of men or old people. A recently story headlined: ‘Can I get a cold weather payment and how much are they?’ was illustrated with a picture of a healthy looking young woman wrapped in a shawl and looking pensive and miserable. My first thought was: ‘Why doesn’t she get a bloody job and then use some of her earnings to buy an electric fire?’ It is important to remember that the BBC is, of course, a discredited conspiracy supporter.

There are no coincidences and what most people think of as ‘accidents’ aren’t accidents at all. If you want to know what is happening and what will happen next, please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman – its available from Amazon as a hardcover book, a paperback and an eBook. If you prefer to stay ignorant you can probably buy a bucket and some sand from your local building supplies merchant.