Covid Jabs – Unspeakable Truths

The basic problem with doctors is, and always has been, an unwillingness to accept the extent of their ignorance and an unwillingness to accept facts which do not fit neatly into the pseudoscientific myths with which they have surrounded and comforted themselves.

For the last three years, untold thousands of doctors (and nurses) have failed to find the intelligence or the courage to question the lies they have been told by a bunch of thoroughly evil men and women, and we can and should regard these individuals with unlimited contempt.

Doctors have, like all confidence tricksters, taken advantage of the fact that the basis of trust is innocence and the basis of fear and terror is mystery.

The doctors who gave so-called vaccines that had not been adequately tested, but which were known to be dangerous, and who gave those drugs without making the modest effort to understand the extent of their ignorance, were obviously unable to make any attempt to explain the facts to their patients (as they were bound to do by their legal and ethical obligations). Those doctors crossed an invisible line and became bad doctors.

Those who gave the covid ‘vaccines’ did so solely because they were paid very generously to betray themselves, their patients and their profession. They made no effort to ‘trust but verify’. (That is, incidentally, an old Russian proverb and not a modern American political slogan). The doctors who gave the covid-19 jabs knew (or should have known) that these products were dangerous in the short term. There was no doubt. (Watch my video from December 2020 which explained the dangers with the covid-19 jabs.)

Doctors and nurses giving the covid jabs had absolutely no idea how dangerous the jabs would be in the medium and long term. No one knew.

How many people have been murdered? Well, I suggest you think of a number and then add some noughts to the end of it. Doctors and nurses were messing around with an entirely new product.

There are no certainties in medicine – especially when it comes to drugs (and vaccines are drugs). There is never a consensus. Every time a drug is given it is an experiment. And that is the point. When there are no certainties you must go slowly, cautiously and with careful observation. You need to do proper trials.

No one did proper trials.

Right from the start, the minute the wretched covid-19 `vaccine’ was promised, I suggested that doctors plan a simple trial. ‘Give the covid-19 jab to 20,000 people and then compare that 20,000 with 20,000 who had not been jabbed.’

I said that almost three years ago – right at the start of this fake pandemic.

The suggestion was ignored because no one in governments or the drug industry or the medical establishment gave a damn about patient safety.

Millions of perfectly healthy people, who were given these monstrous drugs will, as I repeatedly warned in 2020, 2021 and 2022, die of heart disease, strokes, infections and cancer. They were murdered by doctors they trusted. And the doctors betrayed them for a few pieces of silver.

And those are just the short-term risks that we know about.

No one knows what the medium and long-term consequences will be – though we can be pretty sure that brain damage will be part of the mix.

Not a few of the doctors and nurses working for the conspirators and the drug companies have successfully destroyed my credibility with lies and sneers. My crime was the traditional sin of knowing that which should not be known and saying that which should be left unsaid.

I no longer care quite as much as I once did because at least I know that I did what I could, and should have done, and that I have retained my dignity and self-respect – both of which I consider to be of infinitely greater value than the large cheques paid to those doctors who sold themselves.

Those doctors and nurses who claim that they just gave the jabs and cannot be held responsible for the consequences, is akin to someone who’d worked at Auschwitz saying: ‘It wasn’t my fault, I just turned on the gas.’

On 2nd February 2021, I made a video entitled ‘Doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals’. I still believe that.

Ministers, advisors, drug company executives and the medical establishment will never admit that the covid-19 jab is useless and dangerous and does far more harm than good (even though they know this to be true) because if they did they would have to admit either that they were woefully ignorant, obedient fools or that they lied to promote and defend a kill shot that should have been strangled at birth. They would then be swamped by a veritable storm of lawsuits from patients and relatives claiming huge damages and arguing that the protection given to the drug industry had been given under false pretences.

Vernon Coleman’s book Coming Apocalypse was the first book about the fake pandemic. It was published early in April 2020. It’s still available from the bookshop. It was written in February and March 2020.