The conspirators, the collaborators and the cultists are all laughing at us

  1. The UK Government now says that the cuts which are coming won’t affect the public. Excuse me? This suggests that they are spending our money on stuff that doesn’t do anything for us. Just what are they spending it on? The deliberate, evil destruction of the economy seems to be accelerating – and is now pretty well out of control. Remember: ‘You will own nothing and be happy’. I can see the ‘own nothing’ coming. But I’m not so sure about the ‘be happy’ bit.
  2. The anti-oil nutters who want to stop us finding any new oil (and to rely on the 5% of our electricity which comes from solar and wind power) are clearly intent on killing millions of people as quickly as possible. If we halt all new fossil fuel projects then the existing oil supplies will soon run out and then around seven million Britons will die of cold. And that’s a best case scenario. The death total could well reach double that number. If fossil fuel usage is stopped immediately (as some of the cultists demand) then seven million Britons (mostly elderly and sick) will die this winter.
  3. Any internet platform which allows debate and discussion is always labelled ‘right wing’. This rather proves that left wingers are dangerously censorious and opposed to the truth.
  4. The excellent and comprehensive ‘The Expose’ website ( reports that the EU may have overpaid by £31 billion for doses of the covid jab. Who’s got the £31 billion? Someone must have. MEPs have demanded the resignation of Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, as the European Public Prosecutor’s Office investigates the purchase of covid jabs for the European Union.
  5. Drugs made in India have raised serious safety concerns and I can’t help wondering how many of the medicinal drugs sold on the internet are made in India. (Eleven children in India have died after being given cough syrup which contained diethylene glycol.)
  6. Chinese citizens have been grovelling to a Chinese app after they lost their social accounts as a result of posting critical comments online. As I have said before, we will soon all be living in our own version of China. Those who don’t understand the menace of ‘social credit’ are sleeping walking into slavery.
  7. There is new evidence available showing that solar panels and wind farms are environmentally destructive (as well as being pretty useless in the production of electricity). The cultists who want to get rid of fossil fuels should be aware that, for a variety of excellent reasons, we also need to get rid of social and wind power. The good news is that the complete absence of electricity will leave the mad global warming cultists unable to operate their social media accounts.
  8. The BBC is celebrating its 100 anniversary and we can safely assume that it will celebrate by telling more lies (along the lines of `the covid vaccine is perfectly safe for children’), and sending more threatening letters to impoverished pensioners. Please help me celebrate the centenary of this evil organisation by NOT paying the licence fee, though you must do this legally, of course because I would hate to be arrested for encouraging you to break the law. Heaven forbid! The BBC, which has financial links to Bill Gates (a former friend of the disgraced Epstein), is a pro EU and pro-Government propaganda vehicle. It has refused to allow debate about vaccines and I believe it has abandoned truth and integrity. The BBC’s founders would be revolving in their graves at 45 rpm if they could see it now.
  9. Doctors in the UK who pray for or with their patients could be targeted and censured by the General Medical Council. We need to get rid of the GMC. The organisation, which seems to me to be unbelievably bossy, continues to terrify doctors who have, too often, done nothing wrong. Five doctors being investigated by the GMC killed themselves between 2018 and 2020. In a previous eight year period, 28 doctors killed themselves because of the GMC. In my view, the GMC has done infinitely more harm than good to health care in the UK. It is partly the GMC’s fault that there is a massive shortage of GPs in the UK – since many were so distressed by the GMC’s absurd and bureaucratic revalidation process that they retired early. (Thanks to the GMC, once a doctor has retired it is almost impossible for them to practice part time, occasionally or in emergencies.)
  10. We are all being pushed steadily but remorselessly online. We are being pushed to have smart meters fitted to our homes. We are pushed to bank online, to use online payment methods instead of cash, to connect our homes to internet apps and to use health apps. Magazines and newspapers will soon be available only online. Resist this drive to push us all online.
  11. If the Labour Party wins the next election it will almost certainly form a coalition with the Liberals, the Scottish Nationalists and the Greens. I suspect that together they will form what I hope they will call the `Quasi Liberal Nazi Party’. Then I fear they will push through windfall taxes on anyone making a profit, bring net zero forward to 2025, increase taxes massively for anyone stupid enough to try to earn a living, introduce a three day week, appoint Sir Klaus Schwab to the cabinet, allow Scotland to leave the Union and reapply to join the EU.
  12. The police seem to have decided that it is now an offence to protest or complain about the monarchy. There’s not much left that the police will allow us to complain about.

Vernon Coleman’s book Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer explains why and how doctors kill more people than cancer. It’s available as a paperback on Amazon.