The CIA, the FBI and their bots and the Mainstream Media claim that covid-19 was made in a lab – and they’re obviously wrong

The conspirators are now enthusiastically promoting the idea that the covid-19 infection was man-made. They are doing this to restore fear in the virus and they’re keen to do this in order to have some success in promoting the lethal covid-19 jabs.

The theory that covid-19 is a weapon was created to promote fear and it is now being pushed hard by bots, establishment figures and people who aren’t afraid to show that they know nothing whatsoever about epidemiology – which is here the key science.

I knew three years ago that covid-19 was not a serious threat for several reasons. One reason was that I knew that the ordinary common-or-garden flu can kill 650,000 people in a six month winter flu season.

And the early figures available for covid-19 showed that it was not going to be anywhere as deadly as the worst winter flu. I took no notice of the gibberish produced by government advisors and, instead, studied the facts. That’s why my predictions have been proven to be accurate and theirs have not.

The establishment lied and cheated and fiddled the figures (by claiming that anyone who caught covid and died within 60 days was a covid victim) but the official statistics proved without doubt that I was correct – covid was never a special threat. It behaved in exactly the same way as an ordinary flu infection – but, if anything, it was milder than usual.

The bottom line is that as far as the conspirators are concerned their war on us has changed direction. As I predicted a year ago, they are now using World War III to destroy the global economy. The covid-19 infection and jabs are now of minor importance to the conspirators.

The sad thing is that a few very noisy people are now promoting the establishment line. These are, I suspect, the same intellectually disadvantaged people who believe that the earth is flat, that there are no germs, that humans don’t have immune systems and that climate change is real. (I’ll publish an analysis of the opposition to germ theory within the next week or so – depending upon the progress of World War III.)

Those innocents should remember that everything in the mainstream media should be considered a lie – because it probably is. And there are always reasons for the lies. It suits the conspirators to have the public believe that covid-19 is a weapon because that helps increase the fear; they want to keep the covid myth alive and as powerful as ever as a background source of fear. But the fact is that those who believe this nonsense have been suckered and those who aren’t just bots and who promote it are doing the work of the globalists.

I’ve been doing what I do for longer than anyone else alive. I’ve had so much abuse from the various parts of the establishment that I really no longer care what they say. In fact, I never look. I just continue to do my research and to share the truth. All this probably explains why I have for years been banned, censored, suppressed and libelled by the establishment. The establishment and the truth go together like rain and picnics.

Those who prefer to believe that the earth is flat, there are no germs, climate change is real and covid-19 is a weapon can believe whatever makes them happy. Believe in the tooth fairy if it makes you feel good.

But I warn you, we are now approaching the endgame very rapidly. World War III has started and the ramifications are everywhere. The enemy is fighting for power, resources, money and control. And those of us who care about humanity are in a fight for our very lives: the truth is our most powerful weapon.

Vernon Coleman’s first book about covid-19 and the fake pandemic was published in April 2020 (nearly three years ago). The book is called Coming Apocalypse and it is available on Amazon.