Chronic Maskitis

I have discovered and named a new disease.

‘Maskitis’ is the incomprehensibly stupid yearning to continue wearing a mask even though doing so is damaging both to the wearer and to those around them.

Some maskitis sufferers are afraid that if they don’t wear their mask they may catch a disease.

But most wear their masks to show how good and public spirited they are. Maskitis is an obvious and increasingly prevalent version of virtue signalling.

The dangers of mask wearing are significant and Maskitis sufferers will die very early. Moreover, mask wearing is selfish and grotesquely anti-social. The damage mask wearers do to infants and children is well documented. Speech therapists are now saying that they are seeing a massive increase in children needing help with delayed speech.

Discarded face masks are having a detrimental effect on wildlife. There are horrific photos all over the internet of birds getting their feet tangled up in the ear loops of masks. Binning masks after use is not the solution because so many people accidentally drop their masks without realising it. You only have to walk around any town these days and see how long it takes to spot a used mask lying on the side of the road. If people truly care about wildlife then they need to campaign to get rid of masks.

Vernon Coleman’s book Proof that face masks do more harm than good is available on his websites and is packed with scientific evidence.

There are scores of books by Vernon Coleman listed under the Books heading on this website. There are medical books, travel books, history books, philosophy books and many varieties of fiction.