Books to help you understand and fight the Great Reset

In the last three years I have written around two million words about the fake pandemic, the fraudulent and toxic pseudo-vaccine, the lockdown nonsense, the hypocrisy of mask wearing, the horrors of social credit, the threat and terror of digital ID, the betrayal by the medical, nursing and teaching professions and the endless lies told to us by the conspirators and their bought and paid for lackeys in the mainstream media.

Much of what I have written has been made freely available on my websites and in my scripted videos (scripted to make sure that every fact is accurate) but many thoughts, analyses and conclusions have been too complex for the short form and have, consequently, been presented in a series of books, or have been presented in book form in order to bring together themes, warnings and predictions in an orderly and connected way.

Here is a list of the books which I have written about the New Normal and the Great Reset in the last three years. All of these books (and all of Vernon Coleman’s available books) can be purchased through the bookshop on this website.