The Biggest 'False Flag’ Operation of All Time

The name `false flag’ comes from the days when naughty captains of sailing ships used to put up a flag suggesting that they belonged to an opposing navy. The innocent ship captains, seeing their own flag fluttering aloft, would merrily assume that they could safely approach to exchange cooking recipes and favourite holiday resorts with a fellow captain.

Then, suddenly, whoosh, a flurry of cannon balls would tear away their mizzen mast (I read the Horatio Hornblower stories when I was young) leaving them vulnerable to a quick and humiliating capture.

Pirates used to favour the same trick. Down would come the Jolly Roger. And up would go the Spanish or British flag.

History is full of false flag operations.

Remember the Trojan horse? That was an early false flag. There were false flag operations in ancient Egypt where Ramses was tricked. In Rome the church faked a document which gave itself the right to create the kings of Europe. In the 12th century the church was at it again, this time inventing a character called Prester John who was used to trick the Europeans into entering into a war they had no hope of winning. Prester John was subsequently used for an astonishing five centuries without anyone smelling a rat.

From the 13th century onwards the church blamed innocent people for everything which went wrong – including the weather. And since there was a little ice age for several centuries, they had plenty of opportunity to hunt out people, call them witches and kill them. If the crops failed the local witch (usually an unfortunate local midwife or nurse) would be blamed. If it was unduly chilly one winter then the witch would be burnt or drowned. If a plague killed a good many people then the deaths were blamed on local witches. Witch hunting was a popular profession and akin, in its day, to the work done by Wikipedia editors today – persecuting the innocent.

The Spanish-American civil war began when President McKinley told the Americans that the US Maine had been sunk in the harbour at Havana by a Spanish mine. The public outrage was enough to start the war. However, the captain of the Maine had insisted that the ship was sunk not by a mine but by an explosion in a coal bin. After the war, investigations showed that the captain was correct and that McKinley had lied. Tut tut. A politician lying. What a shock.

Hitler was a great believer in false flag operations. In 1933 the Reichstag building in Berlin, the home of the German Parliament, was set on fire. Hitler blamed communist agitators and used the fire to establish himself and his party in control of Germany. In 1939, Hitler arranged for German targets to be attacked and then told the Germans that Poland was responsible. And thus began the Second World War.

During that War, the Americans were outraged by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which was, so claimed President Roosevelt, unprovoked and a complete surprise. Roosevelt was lying. He knew about the attack but wanted the Japanese to sink some ships and kill some Americans to provide an excuse for the Americans to join World War II.

It is very widely believed that the attacks on American targets on September 11th 2001 were arranged (or at very least known about) by the Americans. And both the Americans and the British lied about `weapons of mass destruction’ in Iraq as an excuse for invading that country. Colin Powell, George Bush, Tony Blair were just three of the most outspoken supporters of the Iraq war. All lied a great deal. And all politicians who supported or defended their lies were guilty of war crimes. The weapons of mass destruction scam was a massive false flag operation.

And then there was global warming – a huge confidence trick designed to control the people of the world and prepare them for Agenda 21.

At the turn of the century the big hoax was Y2K – when the world was told that computers would stop functioning properly at midnight on December 31st 1999. The claim was that computers would leap back to January 1st 1900 and that as a result there would be no electricity and aeroplanes would fall out of the skies. The hoax or false flag operation was created and maintained by software promoters who sold solutions and made $6 billion out of the nonsense.

Finally, in 2020 we saw the beginning of the biggest false flag of all time.

But you know all about that one, don’t you?

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