Beyond the Nightmare: The Great Reset gets closer every Day

  1. It is now alleged that long covid (the imaginary disease which seems to me to have been designed to help reduce productivity and destroy the economy still further) affects over 100 million people worldwide. And scientists apparently claim that covid has been linked to the development of brain disorders two years after infection. Researchers compared 1.25 million people who had been diagnosed with covid against a similar group who had other respiratory infections. I have two questions. First, were the people who had been diagnosed with covid diagnosed using the entirely useless PCR test? If so then I regard the research as utterly useless. Second, did the researchers look to see which patient had been given the covid jab? Since it seems certain that the covid jab affects the brain (see the transcript of my video entitled ‘What’s the covid jab doing to the brain?’, which was broadcast on 13th December 2021 and which is, as a transcript, still available on both my websites.) It is clearly important to know if the individuals with brain damage were given the covid jab. Meanwhile, the conspirators will continue to blame long covid for all the problems caused by the jabs. (Many of those allegedly suffering from what is known as long covid are probably suffering from depression caused by the uncertainties, the chaos and the fears.)
  2. The elderly in care homes will be sitting ducks for the jabbers with the new Moderna covid-19 jab. No one will stick up for them or protect them. How many will die as a result? And how can doctors and nurses do this? The answer is that they either do it because they are too stupid to ask questions or because they don’t care as long as the cheques keep coming. ‘We were only following orders!’ is their defence. That excuse didn’t work too well at the Nuremburg trials and it won’t work well when doctors and nurses try to explain their slaughter of the elderly. How many old people do you have to kill before you realise its wrong? Dr Shipman is no longer in the top 1,000 serial killers in the UK. Care homes in the UK should be renamed Dachau, Auschwitz or Belsen. How many Jews do you have to kill before you decide it’s wrong? However, this time, Christians, Catholics and Muslims are being slaughtered too. I suppose that’s a nod in the direction of religious equality.
  3. War criminal Lord High Executioner Tony Blair, Squire of the Royal Bathmat and Sir Klaus Schwab’s finger man, has called for every adult in Britain to be given a toxic, killer booster jab. And he wants compulsory mask wearing. And more protection for the failing NHS which has betrayed millions. Blair, who has no medical qualifications and clearly knows nothing about the covid jab or the dangers associated with mask wearing, is an existential danger to the health and well-being of British citizens. My friend Abit Bloted fears he’s been responsible for more deaths than the Yorkshire Ripper.
  4. The splash front page headline of the Daily Mail for 22nd August 2022 is ‘NEW BLOOD TEST COULD STOP 1 IN 10 CANCER DEATHS’. How wonderful, you might think. And the article is written by the paper’s Science Correspondent. But when you take the plunge and actually read the article this is what it says in the third paragraph: `Although there are no results yet, researchers are optimistic that it has ‘enormous’ potential.’ Did you spot that? ‘Although there are no results yet…’ And the next paragraph begins: ‘Based on modelling…’. That, I assume, will be the sort of modelling Neil Ferguson is known for. I wish all these modellers would go back to their Plasticine. And I wish the Daily Mail would give up pretending it’s a newspaper.
  5. Schools are likely to be open for three days a week during the winter because the cost of paying for the teachers’ pay rise means that schools won’t be able to afford to keep their heating switched on. So parents are going to have to stay off work for two days a week. Not that it will make much difference. A recent survey showed that UK workers are going into the office an average of 1.5 days a week with only 13% bothering to turn up on Fridays. Almost unbelievably, criminal barristers have turned down a 15% pay rise and are demanding a 25% rise. The word ‘criminal’ seems appropriate. Productivity in the UK, already just about the worst in the world, will fall dramatically because of the strikes and the working at home. And the nation’s economic crisis will get worse. Accident? Of course not. As I predicted long ago, inflation is going to go out of control. The elderly, the sick and the poor will be dying of cold and hunger in their thousands. Again, if you think this is happening by accident then you have not been paying attention.
  6. Bus companies are axing services because government grants (issued during the covid fraud) have now stopped. This will help destroy rural communities and force more people into grotty flats in city centres.
  7. It has been claimed that the RAF has stopped recruiting white males so that it can recruit more women and non-white males. If true, I wish someone could explain to me why that sort of woke, diversity lunacy isn’t just plain old-fashioned racism. This appears to be more evidence for my theory that the people most affected by racism in Britain today are white males.
  8. SNP and Green ministers in Scotland are apparently worried that 2% of whisky evaporates during the maturation process. (It’s called the ‘angel’s share’.). The SNP and Green loonies are worried that the 2% of evaporated whisky could be having a bad effect on health and the environment. A review has been funded to investigate this massive threat to the health of the Scots. How long before whisky making is banned? When that happens, Scotland won’t have any industry at all except kilt making to sustain it in independence.
  9. It is reported that Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has a 16 hour waiting time at its Accident and Emergency Unit. I cannot see any excuse for this – particular since Exeter is a teaching hospital and has a small army of medical students who could surely be pressed into service. Allowing waiting times to reach 16 hours is unforgiveable. Similar problems exist elsewhere in the country. Old people in particular seem to be waiting longest for treatment with several having to wait more than a day between having an accident and being seen by a doctor. The UK no longer has a health service.
  10. The Japanese Government has introduced a new way to make money. The Government is asking young people to drink more alcohol in order to boost the tax the Government collects. What next? Please smoke more fags? Makes as much sense.
  11. Media luvvies of all kinds are getting excited about free speech. The attack on Salman Rushdie brought out many comments. Margaret Atwood apparently said: ‘This shows that if we don’t defend free speech we live in tyranny’. Free speech? What free speech? I and others who question the covid jab are banned from the BBC and from the mainstream media. I am banned from YouTube, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and the rest of social media for daring to tell the truth. When will people realise that there is NO free speech. We live in tyranny.
  12. Sneaks and snitches have been busy reporting their neighbours for using hosepipes. The only problem is that in most areas there are no hosepipe bans. The Great Reset is breeding a new type of ‘human’ who isn’t happy if they aren’t snitching or sneaking on someone. ‘Please, Miss, that boy over there has got his hosepipe out!’

Vernon Coleman’s book Coming Apocalypse explains how the covid fraud began in early spring 2020 and how the truth was suppressed, and truth-tellers censored, right from the beginning.