BBC Linked (via Bill Gates) to Jeffrey Epstein

The BBC has long been linked to sex offenders and paedophiles. (The names Sir Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris spring quickly to mind.)

But it is now clear that the BBC has an even more embarrassing link to a major sex offender.

For years now the BBC has had a close financial relationship with Bill Gates. Indeed, Gates has given millions to the BBC and been provided with much fawning publicity in return.

But now it has been reported that Jeffrey Epstein (general sex offender and blackmailer) threatened his associate Bill Gates over a relationship with a Russian woman.

It would be good to know if the BBC now intends to severe its links to Bill Gates or, at least, investigate the Gates-Epstein relationship in depth. On 23rd May the BBC still had many references to Gates on its website.

Or is the BBC happy to keep its link to Gates and, perhaps, add Jeffrey Epstein to the embarrassingly long list of sex offenders with which it is closely or loosely associated.

We know that the BBC cannot be trusted to provide facts or honest reporting of important issues. (For example, the BBC has declared that it doesn’t interview those who question vaccination – whether they are `right or wrong’.) Once revered the BBC has become known as a propaganda organisation – suppressing truths and promoting misinformation.

Is the BBC now determined to be also known as an organisation with a slightly bent moral compass?

For the truth about the past, the present and the future (which you’re very unlikely ever to find on the BBC) please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman. It’s available via the bookshop on this website.