Is the BBC corrupt or simply dangerous?

The fuss about Gary Lineker’s right to say what he thinks amused me. The media has climbed onto its collective high horse to pontificate about freedom of speech. (Incidentally, I would have thought that Lineker’s battle with the BBC could have a bearing on his multi-million pound battle with the tax authorities. As I understand it, he needs to prove he is not an employee but a freelance. Being able to tweet freely would suggest that he is not an employee – saving him well over £4 million.)

The BBC and the rest of the mainstream media has been dominated by the absurdly woke Lineker story. (Lineker, for those who don’t know is a highly paid football commentator who was upset by the UK Government’s plan to stop illegal immigrants coming into the UK.)

No one in the media seems to care that the world’s banking system is hanging by a thread or that share prices and pensions are close to collapse. The world’s financial system is in a diabolical mess. Interest rate rises will doubtless stop to help save the banks. Taxes and poverty are going to explode. The result will be that inflation will soar still higher. It is tempting to say that we’re on the brink of the world’s worst financial crisis since 1929 – but this one is worse.

And it is all being deliberately arranged. None of this is happening by accident. And meanwhile billions are being poured into World War III (the existence of which is also been largely ignored by the mainstream media.)

Moreover, no one cares about the fact that truth-tellers are banned from telling the truth by all mainstream media. In addition to the mainstream media ban, I am completely banned from using all social media and, indeed, much of the rest of the internet. Where’s my freedom of speech?

There’s much fuss about Lineker’s freedom of speech but I am completely banned from ever using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the rest of the social media smorgasbord. Why? Simply because I have dared to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No one ever found that I’d produced misleading or inaccurate information. Everything I’ve said and written has been accurate. But Facebook banned me from joining their ‘community’ before I’d even opened an account – because I was considered ‘too dangerous’. The truth, it seems, is too dangerous to be shared.

And there is certainly NO freedom of speech at the BBC – a curious, woke organisation which manages to combine malignant censorship with extreme left wing leanings.

The BBC frequently claims to offer viewers and listeners a balanced view of the world.

This simply isn’t true as I have explained many times over the last three years.

The BBC appears to be terrified of free speech and I believe it has consistently betrayed its public. By covering up the truth and making life easy for liars and deceivers, the BBC has enabled the fraudsters to promote their fakery without question or debate.

It was the BBC which helped allow the British people to be used and abused, bullied and treated abominably by an out of control Government and by reckless drug companies.

The BBC’s policy is to refuse to allow anyone who questions vaccination onto its programmes. The policy is to deny airtime whether those questioning vaccination are `right or wrong’.

It is this one-sided policy which has led to the biggest disaster in modern medical history: the mass use of an inadequately tested product (the covid-19 jabs) which didn’t do what was promised but which did cause the numerous side effects which I warned they could produce.

I warned about the effect of the `vaccines’ before they were rolled out to million.

If I had been allowed onto BBC programmes I would, I believe, have been able to save thousands of lives. Everything I warned about came to pass. When those who promoted the covid jab are being tried in court, the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media must be on trial too.

It is difficult to understand why the BBC refused to allow any debate about the covid jabs. If I had been wrong (as they seemed to assume) then surely my warnings would have been easy to demolish and deflect.

Instead, the BBC allowed speakers with limited medical knowledge to offer unchallenged advice.

The BBC also ignored the risks of lockdowns and seems to have adopted the `official’ line on face masks – despite the existence of evidence showing that they were always likely to do more harm than good.

It is worth noting that the BBC has a financial relationship with Bill Gates – a staunch advocate of vaccines. (Gates, of course, was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein).

Was the BBC’s attitude towards vaccination influenced by its financial relationship with Gates?

The BBC has rejected freedom of speech; it has proved itself to be arrogant and it has betrayed the British people. Is it corrupt? Well, the relationship with Gates means that the question must be asked. And questions should be asked about the BBC’s attitude towards the EU and Brexit. The BBC, remember, received huge amounts of money from the EU. Is it right for a news broadcaster to have financial links with the EU?

And how ironic it is that the BBC’s headquarters in London has a statue of George Orwell which is accompanied by a quote from Orwell which says: `If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.’

In fact, the BBC is even worse than that.

The BBC denies people the right to hear information they are entitled to hear and need to hear.

The quicker the BBC is closed down the better it will be for freedom and free speech in the world.

Vernon Coleman’s book about the future we now face is called Endgame. It is available through the bookshop on this website.