Alert: Medicine Shortages

It isn’t just food that is going to be in short supply.

Medicine shortages have also arrived in the UK and almost certainly the rest of Europe.

Menopausal women have noticed a dramatic shortage of HRT, and hay-fever sufferers may have to hunt around to find anti-histamines they need to quell their seasonal symptoms.

And Antoinette has had some difficulty in obtaining supplies of the tamoxifen which is prescribed to help keep her breast cancer at bay.

I have no doubt that Brexit will be blamed for the shortages but that is the slick, quick, politically correct answer.

The truth is that the delays, fuel shortages and other problems caused by the deadly sanctions against Russia are also responsible for the shortages of essential drugs which may soon overwhelm us and add to our misery.

Is it all accidental and unforeseeable?

Of course not.

The conspirators don’t do accidental and they don’t do unforeseeable.

The medicine shortages are all part of the Great Reset.

Essential, life-saving drugs (such as those used to treat cancer, heart disease and type 1 diabetes) could soon be as difficult to obtain as mare’s nests and hen’s teeth.

Whenever you possibly can, my advice is to stock up on essential medicines – especially ones you can buy over the counter without a prescription.

It’s easy enough to manage without loo rolls (just dig out some old newspapers which are perfectly well suited to the task).

But it’s not so easy to find back-up solutions for essential medicines.

This is another way in which the conspirators will kill off the sick and the elderly – the prime targets for their on-going programme of domestic genocide.

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